The Puppy Training Continues…but first this special message

Puppy training can be a pain.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes tough-love has to take hold.

Dog Training Secrets
Border Aussie Puppy

My wife and I had a meeting yesterday to discuss how our dog training was progressing.  We realized that we were probably sending mixed signals to Kash during commands.  I was saying one thing when teaching the puppy not to bite, and she was speaking a different set of commands.  Not good.

So, we wrote down the exact words we are both going to be using from this time forward, for each command that we are teaching our little “hellion on 4 legs”.

We were warned about the high energy levels of a Border Collie puppy, but we thought the mix of Australian Shepherd may calm it a little.  Not so much.  You have to always be aware, every waking minute that Kash is not in his crate. (he only sleeps in his crate, and when we have to go to the store) otherwise he is in to everything.

All in all, the dog training course we purchased is a godsend.  It is amazing how quickly Kash learned how to sit, lay down, stay, and he has started “shaking” first with the left paw on the command “shake left”.  We work on the right paw tonight.

Without the training we got from our dog training guide, I think we may have been in trouble with this head-strong puppy.  It explained many straight forward instructions and how to carry them out, that made all the difference in how our puppy responded.

I thought I was a pretty savvy “dog whisperer” and had trained several dogs into great obedient and lovable pets, but our little Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy sure brought me down a couple notches.  I am so thankful for the tips and instructions that helped tremendously with getting our puppy under control, that I fully endorse and recommend this dog training product –> Secrets to Dog Training

Tonight we will resume puppy training as we do believe that we have to stay on top of this challenge and be consistent.  If you have any thought or suggestions, please comment in the comment area.  I look at all of them and will answer back if needed. Thanks.

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