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Red Border Collie-Aussie Seen Wrestling Wild Turkey

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog caught a wild turkey!

wild turkey

Can you believe it? While walking in our woods out back, I sat down on a log bench to empty out my shoe. Had a small stone in it. Well all of a sudden a huge ruckus of squawking and snarling, leaves and dirt flying, Kash tackled a big old wild turkey!

I immediately yelled at Kash to “drop it” and he did without hurting the turkey as far as I could see. It was about 50 feet or more away, but I don’t think Kash used his teeth on the big bird at all. He is usually pretty gentle, but does like to “catch” critters.

The turkey flew up into a big tree a hundred yards away and shook his feathers. Kash was looking pretty proud but at the same time a little bewildered. That was a big bird!

Border Collie-Aussie mix

Kash being so gentle with a bird that I sweet talked into holding it!

I have a weird gift that is hard to explain. Every now and then, and I never know when it’s going to happen, I have birds land on me, or they just sit there listening to me “sweet talk” them into letting me pick them up.  I have at least 10 pictures of different birds in my hand, or perched on my arm, and several of Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog sniffing them so gently. Weird, huh?

Border Collie-Aussie mix

So now you see, a Border Collie-Aussie mix dog can be gentle and calm when they need to be. Kash doesn’t seem to want to kill anything he catches. He just wants to play!

A word of advice. The ticks seem to be plentiful in Southwest Michigan. Protect your dog and do check your pet for ticks after going for a walk, especially if in long grass or a wooded area. Check yourself too! I have found several ticks on myself before they have bit and burrowed in.

I have found that bargain brand tick medicine doesn’t work so well. We tried some this spring and went right back to Frontline Flea and Tick Medicine. It works very well.

Hug your dog,

Thomas and Kash
Border Collie-Aussie and his master

Border Collie-Aussie Mix, Mixes it Up With Wild Turkey!

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy/dog is now a wild turkey hunter!  A turkey, almost as big as Kash has been coming to the feeder the last couple of days.  The first time Kash saw it, he just froze and watched it.  They I went and scared it!

Today, when I opened the office door, he bolted across the lawn to the bird feeder and low and behold, there was the turkey!  Kash went right after it.  It ran under the bridge and took off flying as Kash’s big pearly whites were snapping in thin, turbulent, turkey take-off air!  No feathers in his mouth.

Border Collie-Aussie mix almost catches wild turkey
Not fair! It’s not even close to Thanksgiving!

Kash the Dog – Turkey Stalker

Kash the Collie mix dog coming back from the chaseComing back without the turkey!

Kash has been going riding with me on errands in both the car and the van.  I think he likes riding in the van better, because he is higher up and can see.  He seldom relaxes though, and hates having the windows down.  Maybe the wind noise hurts his ears?

Yesterday we went out to the South Haven lighthouse on the south pier in South Haven.  This is the first time he has seen a beach, waves, and been on the pier with water on both side of him.  He was a little cautious as we got near the edge.

Border Collie-Aussie on the south pier, South Haven MI

Tonight we are going to go see a fawn.  I hope to get some pictures of it to share.  So stay tuned and we’ll see if I can find that fawn to get a picture.

Walk your dog and speak kindly to it.