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Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Needs More Dog Training

Whoops!  Our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy needs to get back into dog training again.  I did just what I vowed not to do, I was not consistent on our training of Kash.  I have pulled our dog training course back out to refresh some of the commands and implement some new dog training commands.  The puppy training is over!

Kash has been real challenging again.  Both his biting problem and puppy barking has taken a turn for the worse – and it’s my fault for not staying on top of things.  I don’t know if having him neutered has affected his disposition, but he seems to have gotten more aggressive and plays a lot rougher if you know what I mean.

He has been challenging me (kind of) and has become somewhat defiant.  He even wants to smoke cigars now!


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy smokes a cigar
Got a light?

Kash the Dog

We are going to really focus on getting Kash to stop jumping on people, especially visitors.  He is pretty gentle when he jumps on us, but any jumping on any people is really unacceptable. It was kinda cute when he would wake up and stretch out vertically against your body.  Letting him do that was a mistake.  Now it’s not so cute.

So we are going to read our dog training guide all over again and really get consistent with this dog training before it gets too late.  Kash is super smart, maybe too smart at times.   He will learn to be a good dog, if not a great dog – eventually.  He just needs some master who will stay focused, other wise we may have to call in a dog trainer. (yeah right!)


Collie mix pup jumps up on people
Kash needs to learn not to jump on people

Collie Mix

Kash is now 1/2 pound from being a 40 pound dog!  We were hoping he would get no more than 45 pounds.  Anyone know of a way to prevent that other than not feeding him?  He still eats his healthy dog food and takes a fish oil supplement every day.  When I go to the grocery store and see some of the cheap brands of dog food, I wonder if the people that buy it really know that they may be hurting their dog’s health. (excellent resource – dog food)


Time to let Kash out to pee.  He has been pretty good, sleeping at my feet while I type this post.


PS. Here is a video of Kash as a pup.  http://youtu.be/QxVFPXVpI3Y


Border Collie-Aussie Mix, Kash is all Stinker!

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy is now 21 weeks old.  He is still in puppy training mode and learning every day.

I say “all stinker” because he is the most curious, mischievous puppy I have ever had to deal with.  You have to watch him ever second he is awake.  If he can get his mouth on it, around it, or even near it, he will probably get it and think it is his to play with.

The other part of “stinker” is that we still are struggling with his biting and barking.  It seems like no matter what we do, nothing works for more than a minute.  We have tried several different techniques and methods lately, all have failed.


border collie-aussie puppy is defiant
Giving me “the eye”.

Kash the Dog

I never thought I would even consider a “shock collar”!  That shocks me to even think we have discussed getting one of those expensive torture devices.  But when you are at you wits end…

Kash sure loves the water.  After the rain last night the creek in the woods was flowing pretty good.  That is where he likes to head for first thing when we get out walking.  One of these days we will take him to a local lake and see if he likes to swim.


border collie-aussie puppy loves the water
Running through the creek

Kash the Dog

Kash weighed in at 31 pounds last night.  I feel really good about the healthy dog food that we are feeding him.  He eats it dry, or with water mixed in.  We put a capsule-worth of fish oil every day in his food.  I am so glad I found Sharda’s Dog Food Dangers, it gives you the best information about the best and worst dog foods on the market.

Well, Kash is almost a young adult dog.  He still has a lot to learn, but we love that little critter to pieces.  Our dog training guide has still been our best investment in helping us get Kash to learn commands.  Despite his puppy biting and puppy yipping, we still have fun with him and know in our hearts he will finally get over these issues.

Today I will get a Frisbee out and see if I can get Kash to catch it in the air.  He has not been too coordinated catching anything else so far.  I am sure he will “catch” on.  An update on how he does will be coming.

Hug your dog,


How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing On the Wrong Things

How to stop your puppy from chewing on your shoes, furniture, clothes, or anything it can get it’s mouth on can be frustrating.

A Border Collie or Australian Shepherd, our little Kash is a mix of both, like to “mouth” objects, and it may appear that it is chewing or biting.  They learn how something feels with their mouths kind of like humans feel with their hands.

I know Kash will “mouth” my hand gently when he wants to taste or smell what I have been handling.  You can tell the difference between “mouthing” and biting, believe me.

How to stop your puppy from chewing.
Kash loves to chew sticks!

Kash the Dog

Want to learn how to stop your puppy from chewing?  This is what worked for us.

First of all you have to understand that a Border Collie or Border Collie mix needs something to do.  If they don’t and get bored, many will chew on whatever they can get their mouths on.  So with that in mind, we bought some really durable, fun, quality chew toys for him to chew on.  We did not give them all to him right away.

So whenever we caught him chewing on something that he was not supposed to chew, we let out a stern “no chew” in a low growl-like voice.  When he would stop we immediately gave him a “good boy” and handed him an allowable chew toy.

Don’t give him old socks, shoes, flip flops, or similar things to chew as toys, as that would train him to chew those things, as it might just be your $100 pair of sneakers!  When you do find him chewing his chew toys, praise him so he knows that it is OK to chew the right things.

Above all you have to be vigilant and consistent in training.  You have to do the same action each time so as not to confuse the little pup.  The best thing is to remove anything that you do not want chewed.  Take some preventative measures and move things out of reach and do not leave shoes, socks, or whatever else he could get his mouth on.

Dogs will be dogs, don’t punish them for that.  They just need someone to teach them what is acceptable or not.  They are learning everything new and need some puppy training and guidance.  Be patient.  They will appreciate it and probably learn faster as well.

Love your pet, walk your dog.


The Puppy Training Continues…but first this special message

Puppy training can be a pain.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes tough-love has to take hold.

Dog Training Secrets
Border Aussie Puppy

My wife and I had a meeting yesterday to discuss how our dog training was progressing.  We realized that we were probably sending mixed signals to Kash during commands.  I was saying one thing when teaching the puppy not to bite, and she was speaking a different set of commands.  Not good.

So, we wrote down the exact words we are both going to be using from this time forward, for each command that we are teaching our little “hellion on 4 legs”.

We were warned about the high energy levels of a Border Collie puppy, but we thought the mix of Australian Shepherd may calm it a little.  Not so much.  You have to always be aware, every waking minute that Kash is not in his crate. (he only sleeps in his crate, and when we have to go to the store) otherwise he is in to everything.

All in all, the dog training course we purchased is a godsend.  It is amazing how quickly Kash learned how to sit, lay down, stay, and he has started “shaking” first with the left paw on the command “shake left”.  We work on the right paw tonight.

Without the training we got from our dog training guide, I think we may have been in trouble with this head-strong puppy.  It explained many straight forward instructions and how to carry them out, that made all the difference in how our puppy responded.

I thought I was a pretty savvy “dog whisperer” and had trained several dogs into great obedient and lovable pets, but our little Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy sure brought me down a couple notches.  I am so thankful for the tips and instructions that helped tremendously with getting our puppy under control, that I fully endorse and recommend this dog training product –> Secrets to Dog Training

Tonight we will resume puppy training as we do believe that we have to stay on top of this challenge and be consistent.  If you have any thought or suggestions, please comment in the comment area.  I look at all of them and will answer back if needed. Thanks.

If your dog is fat, maybe YOU should be getting more exercise.


Puppy Training – Asserting the Alpha Dog Leadership Role

Puppy training continues for Kash the Border Collie Aussie mix puppy.

puppy training on the run
Kash - Coming when called

Today, we are going to be continuing to work on asserting ourselves as the “alpha dog” leadership role.  As you probably know, dogs want to know where they stand in the hierarchy of the pack (family).  If they don’t know, they will try and assume the leadership role and you will then have your hands full with your puppy or dog.

The alpha dog rules.  He is usually a male, but not always, and is the one in the best physical condition.  He gets to eat first, (gets the choice parts of the meal) sleeps in the highest spot, (to watch over his pack and guard the position) and may be the biggest.

You want to be that alpha dog to your puppy or dog.  They will feel much more at ease when they know their position in the family.  Your dog will be more obedient and want to please you.

What I have learned to keep Kash from biting, (Kash bites a lot) is when he bites, either playing or lashing out in frustration, I grab him by the snout firmly, pin him down with gentle but firm pressure so he can’t squirm free, and in my deepest authoritative voice, I say NO BITE!

The voice I use is not my normal voice, but one that is a bit louder so that he can distinguish the difference in tone.  This is important.  You should always try to use the same tone when trying assert this change of behavior.

So far, this method has been working.  Kash is not completely trained to not bite yet, but it is getting better.  I was worried that I might instill in him a fear of me, but that is not happening.  Instead he looks at me as if to say “I’m sorry”.  And each time I say “no bite” he quits a little quicker.  I have to remind myself that he is just a pup.  A smart one though.

I forgot to mention that we are using a fantastic dog training product we found online.  I have looked at a lot of programs to train our dog, and this is by far the easiest to use, implement, and it fits how we want to train our puppy.  You can check it out here.

Click here —> Dog Training Information

More on Kash’s training sessions later.  There will be many.

I have posted a video with Kash as the star.  If you would like to see it on YouTube you can go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAge7RIcczA

Pet your dog kindly,


Puppy Training For Kash, Potty Training Starts Again!

We are training Kash to be completely housebroken, in other words, he is to be totally trained to do his business outside and not have accidents in the house. Earlier I stated Kash was “potty trained” (housebroken) from day one.  Well eight days later, Kash peed in the house while looking right at us!

So the potty training began all over again.  This time we thought we would train Kash to ring a bell by the door when he needed to go out.  We bought a bell, hung it by the door just high enough so it would take a conscious effort to ring it.

What we did was show him the bell, let him sniff it and hear it first.  Then we held a treat near the bell.  When Kash would ring the bell, even if by accident, we would click the clicker and he would get a treat.  It didn’t take long for him to figure this one out!

Within a minute or two, he had the bell part figured out.  The next step was, when Kash would ring the bell, we would then immediately take him to the “chosen” bathroom site.  Once he did his business we would heap praise on him and give him a treat.  We wanted him to learn that he would receive the treat outside at his bathroom spot rather than at the door.

puppy training for Kash

Kash learns super fast.  I think it has to do with our attitude and what we learned from reading Secrets to Dog Training.  I was looking online for “puppy training” when I found this ebook.  It is worth ten times the price, especially if you were thinking of dog obedience school.  You can learn quickly what it takes from this detailed dog training program.

This book is far more complete than any of the books I was reading at the library. Especially good are the way it teaches how to solve common behavior problems like chewing, biting, jumping on people, barking, whining and just plain old being disobedient.

I can’t wait to get into the advanced commands and tricks, but I’ll get the basic commands down pat first.  That way I think Kash will be more focused when it comes to learning hand signals, and even eye signals.

If you want more information on this ebook you can just click on this link and it will take you right to their informative website.


Implementing Puppy Training

Hello Border Collie-Aussie Enthusiast,

Puppy training.

Thirteen weeks old and the puppy, Kash, is already smart as a whip! I have never witnessed a puppy at this age display such problem solving abilities!

My wife and I are now starting training with the basic sit, stay, lay down, shake, shake left, shake right, and roll over commands. We are also using hand signals to go along with the verbal commands. Kash seems to be learning about 1-2 commands per day. Quite impressive I think.

We have looked at several dog training courses and feel this training exhibits the best of what, and how, we wanted to train, in a training course. It is online at this link. www.dogtrainingsecrets.com

puppy training
Sitting still for a change

The next thing we have investigated is the proper balanced nutritional dog food.  I believe it will be a combination of home prepared dog food and the best commercial dog food.  More on that in the next post.

Be kind, hug your dog.