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Kash the Dog – An Artist View

Kash the Dog  Has Been Painted!

An incredible and talented guy named Ori Bengal was given several photos of Kash the Dog, otherwise known as Kash Flow Fouts, and commissioned to have a painting made. This is just a practice piece:

Ori Bengal
Painting by Ori Bengal

Check out his website: http://DogsByOri.com

I have been following Ori Bengal for at least 5 years, ever since he started doing “one art work a day”. To see how his art has changed from year to year, month by month, and day by day, has been a source of inspiration to me.

He is the definition of focus, determination, perseverance and creative genius. He not only does painting, but sculpture too! Of course, not every piece is my style, but I appreciate all the pieces of work he has done, and many just blow you away!

Ori Bengal
Painting by the incredible Ori Bengal!

Ori Bengal offers a pet painting/portrait service and is a pleasure and a joy to work with. He has a very easy website to maneuver around and submit you photos and story of your pet. He loves dogs, has a passion for dogs, but will paint any pet for you.

His website is http://DogsByOri.com. He is very responsive to questions and will do a fantastic job for you.

That is my public service announcement for today. I wouldn’t even post about this if I wasn’t totally impressed, and appreciative of the art he has already shared with the world.

So, with that said, I’ll tell you about a life saving action that Kash the Dog did, it may have saved my life! So stay tuned and be watching for the next post of the further adventures of our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog named Kash!


Border Collie-Aussie
Thomas & Kash the Dog