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Puppy Training Works for This Border Collie-Aussie Mix

Is the puppy training working?  Kash, the Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy has learned many basic commands and he has started to turn the corner on “stopping puppy biting“.

He was a four legged ball of fast moving energy that was into everything, biting whatever was in front of him, and then doing that puppy barking crap when you tried to tell him “NO”.  A pure stinker with talent for finding whatever might be loose, fits in his mouth, or is shreddable.


puppy training works for this Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy
Who me?

Kash the Dog

I told you early on that we did a lot of research before we even took custody of Kash on just how to train a Border Collie mix puppy.  We read a lot of information and a lot of it was the same.  The I found Dog Training Secrets and was convinced that this was what kind of dog training style we were looking for.

We were so pleased and agreed with most of the training.  I mean it was detailed and explained just what to do, but a couple things we had issues with.  Those two issues were “how to stop puppy from biting” and “how to stop puppy from barking“.

Now I don’t know if we were conveying the training wrong, or that we have a head-strong dog that may prove to be a difficult to train puppy.  He learned all the basic commands in a snap!  He is smart, but boy does he give us problems over those two issues.

difficult to train puppy
You calling me?


Kash the Dog

I hope this isn’t sounding too negative about Kash.  He does respond so well to the dog training guide commands, and he is incredibly smart.  Handsome and so entertaining that until those snake-like fangs snag your hand or sweatshirt, he is a blast!

We will forge ahead with puppy training.  He is so worth it!

In a quiet moment, talk to your dog at his level, he will appreciate the conversation.


Want to see more pictures of Kash? –> http://colliemix.net

Kash, A Border Collie Mix Puppy Loves The Snow!

Having a Border Collie mix breed dog is a bit challenging.  This is the busiest puppy I have ever seen.  Into everything, including the clothes hamper.  It pulled out all the dirty socks and underwear one evening and stacked them up, one by one!

This morning was a great morning for a hike.  The snow had melted, and then froze hard overnight, so Kash could walk on top of the snow for a change.  It had been deeper than his legs for as long as we have had him.  So this was a treat!

We hiked back to the swamp were he could play on the slippery ice.  Did he have a ball!  I would throw a stick and he would go sliding in like a baseball player sliding into home plate!  What a character.

border collie mix
Coming out of the swamp.

We have been working on “come here” the last week.  Now as I have said before, Kash is a head-strong little puppy.  “Come here” was picked up right away, actually he learned the hand signal right along with it.  My wife didn’t believe me because he seldom came when called, so I told her to try it herself.

She went about 50 feet away and I told her to just tap the inside of her left knee with her hand.  Kash immediately ran over to her.  She still didn’t believe it.  So we waited until he was busy with a toy.  She called his name, tapped her left knee, and Kash jumped up and ran over to her and sat down!  She was impressed.

I’m telling you, this Secrets to Dog Training course we bought online is the cat’s meow!  I cannot believe how quickly Kash learns with these methods.  There are still a couple we are working on that are taking a little extra time, like “how to stop puppy from biting“, and “how to stop puppy from barking“.  It is getting better everyday.

We are going to keep focusing on the biting and barking until we have that completely nipped in the bud. (pun intended)  After we have those two issues mastered, and I think we’ll have it under control by the weekend, we are going to work on some hand signals (commands) outside.

He already know the hand signals for “sit”, “lay down” and like I just said above, “come here”.  I really never taught my previous dogs hand signals, so I am glad I learned these methods from Secrets to Dog Training.  It’s impressive to give your dog a hand signal and he does what it means.

Want a easy recipe for dog snacks? We call them Kash’s Cheezy Weezies.  They are real simple to make.  When they are baking, it smells so good that you will want to try them yourself. (not as good as they smell, but your dog will love them)

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