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Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Hikes Hocking Hills, Ohio

Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Loves to Travel!

We went on a 2012 Spring Break Mini Vacation to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  It was a 7 hour drive and sometimes we forgot Kash was even in the van with us, he was so quiet.

When we would slow down he would hop up into his seat to be on the lookout for squirrels and other interesting creatures.  When I speed up to over 45 MPH he then goes back and lays down on his memory foam ultra comfy travelling bed.

Border Collie-Aussie named Kash looking out the window
Windows for Kash

Kash just loved the cabin (we did too!) that we rented for our stay.  The windows were positioned at the right height for him.  He woke me up the first morning with a loud, low growl.  He was there at the window having a stare-down with a deer.  The deer was about 40 feet away.  It was the first deer he had ever seen sitting still.

We went on some of the prettiest short hikes you can imagine.  Ohio is so pretty in this region.  Everything was covered with the most vibrant green moss and the plant life was starting to pop!

Hiking in Hocking Hills, Ohio
Incredible moss covered rocks

Kash was a trooper, a very good dog.  The dog training course we bought early on really has paid off!  We even had a couple people comment on how well behaved he was, even with other dogs around.  That made our hearts happy, because we know what we had to go through to train our big stinker some manners!

There was one place we were not allowed to take Kash along on a hike.  That was at Conkles Hollow.  It was a special nature preserve that was truly awesome and totally protected.  I understood once we saw the incredible beauty and experienced the zen-like stillness and peacefulness.  It was an eye-orgasm around every corner.  I swear Hobbits live there.

We even searched for and found an abandoned town called Moonville.  It was way back in the puckerbrush.  We had to get directions from the local a couple of different times because this was out there.  Very steep gravel roads and washouts made us second guess our desire to see this.  It was the haunted train tunnel that drew our attention.

Moonville Haunted Train Tunnel
Ohh, so scary and full of ghosts!

I mean, we had to hike along a muddy riverbank for about a mile to get to this tunnel.  The town was abandoned due to people getting killed by the train, and other unfortunate endings.  So the rumor is, the train tunnel is haunted.  It did have an uneasy feeling surrounding it.  Kash was like a honey badger, “he don’t care”!

All in all it was a great short vacation.  We were all tired the day we got home and slept in until 9:00 AM!  Kash never sleeps that long.  I had a really sore knee, but considering my knee still has months to go to be healed 100%, I did pretty darn good.

So there is a quick summary of our short little trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  We plan on going back later in the summer or fall, just because we loved it so much and know it will be even prettier the second time.

Thomas & Kash

Thomas and Kash the Border Collie-Aussie mix








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