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Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix is a Handsome Dog

The Border Collie-Aussie Mix called Kash the Dog is just getting more handsome by the day.  His puppy cuteness has worn off and now he is sporting that good looking young adult fresh look.  I might be biased, but then again, I live with him.


Kash the Dog a Border Collie-Aussie is resting
Yeah, that's me. Kash the Dog

Collie Mix

This dog has grown some of the whitest, sharpest, big teeth the last month.  I have had to sew up several of his toys with heavy duty thread, take some of his toys away due to him crunching them, and keep an eye on whatever he chews.  Those back shark-sharp molars combined with his growing strength are dangerous!

He is deceptively fast!  It doesn’t even look like he is moving as fast as he gets there.  Did that make sense?  Anyway, he covers some ground quick.  And he moves like a ghost.  He creeps me out sometimes because, the last time I saw him he was 50 yards away, and blink, there is he right behind me like he had always been there! Crazy fast and silent.

The neighbor dog, a German Shepherd mix, comes over every day for a biscuit.  This started years ago when Hendrix would come see Kozmo, our paralyzed dog. (R.I.P.)  He would come over and hang out on the deck with the “Mo” and even rub her back with his snout.  He was so good to her, so we always fed him a biscuit.  So after Kozmo passed he would still stop by every day and get a biscuit.

Well Hendrix doesn’t really like Kash too much, due to Kash jumping in his face all the time. Hendrix is tolerating Kash just to get the biscuit.  Hendrix is 110+ pounds, Kash is just 42 pounds.  One day, Kash will get put in his place, maybe.


A Border Collie-Aussie and a German Shepherd mix dog playing
Kash jumping all over good natured Hendrix

Kash the Dog

I am going to try a barking deterrent collar on Kash this next week.  There is no amount of dog training that seems to get Kash to quit barking, especially at night when we want to slow down and relax.  Yelling matches have been getting more frequent with Kash.  I hate yelling.  Kash hates yelling, and Shelly really hates yelling.  So, we will try the collar.

Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Needs More Dog Training

Whoops!  Our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy needs to get back into dog training again.  I did just what I vowed not to do, I was not consistent on our training of Kash.  I have pulled our dog training course back out to refresh some of the commands and implement some new dog training commands.  The puppy training is over!

Kash has been real challenging again.  Both his biting problem and puppy barking has taken a turn for the worse – and it’s my fault for not staying on top of things.  I don’t know if having him neutered has affected his disposition, but he seems to have gotten more aggressive and plays a lot rougher if you know what I mean.

He has been challenging me (kind of) and has become somewhat defiant.  He even wants to smoke cigars now!


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy smokes a cigar
Got a light?

Kash the Dog

We are going to really focus on getting Kash to stop jumping on people, especially visitors.  He is pretty gentle when he jumps on us, but any jumping on any people is really unacceptable. It was kinda cute when he would wake up and stretch out vertically against your body.  Letting him do that was a mistake.  Now it’s not so cute.

So we are going to read our dog training guide all over again and really get consistent with this dog training before it gets too late.  Kash is super smart, maybe too smart at times.   He will learn to be a good dog, if not a great dog – eventually.  He just needs some master who will stay focused, other wise we may have to call in a dog trainer. (yeah right!)


Collie mix pup jumps up on people
Kash needs to learn not to jump on people

Collie Mix

Kash is now 1/2 pound from being a 40 pound dog!  We were hoping he would get no more than 45 pounds.  Anyone know of a way to prevent that other than not feeding him?  He still eats his healthy dog food and takes a fish oil supplement every day.  When I go to the grocery store and see some of the cheap brands of dog food, I wonder if the people that buy it really know that they may be hurting their dog’s health. (excellent resource – dog food)


Time to let Kash out to pee.  He has been pretty good, sleeping at my feet while I type this post.


PS. Here is a video of Kash as a pup.  http://youtu.be/QxVFPXVpI3Y


Kash, the Border Collie-Aussie Made it Through Surgery

Our puppy, the Border Collie-Aussie mix named Kash, made it through surgery.  He was neutered. Ouch! (I’m a male)  Kash is doing fantastic!  He did kind of give me the evil eye when I picked him up at the vet office though.


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy gives me the evil eye
A not too happy look!

Kash the Dog

Kash is already 38 pounds!  Six months old three days ago.  He continues to amaze us with his funny antics, his crazy fast speed, the over the top intelligence, and just how handsome he is. (bragging)

The two things our dog training course just had no power over is how to stop the straight-to-the-brain high pitched bark, and “play” biting.  The play biting is mostly happening to Shelly, but nonetheless, it should not be happening at all.

We both agree that Kash is wired a little different when it comes to those issues.  Maybe it’s the mixed breed, but we have tried several different techniques that several dog training programs suggested.  None have worked.

The best dog training guide for us has been Dog Training Secrets.  This is by far been the turning point as to whether we kept Kash, or gave him back to the Border Collie Rescue organization where we adopted him from.  If it wasn’t for the techniques that we followed in that dog training program, (they worked so fast) and how easy it was to follow, Kash the dog may be somewhere else.

Border Collie-Aussie and dog training secrets
Looking down the driveway waiting for Shelly


Collie Mix

With all that kinda negative stuff said, I just want to go on record and say that I truly believe Kash Flow Fouts will be a GREAT dog.  He just has some things to learn yet.

Did I tell you about how Kash sat right next to me while I installed a gate latch on the gate that keeps him on our deck?  He watched from beginning to end.  Once installed, I flipped the latch and the gate opened.  When I closed the gate, Kash stood up and flipped the latch just like I did.  Fortunately the latch is where he can’t reach it when he is locked in!  He is so darned smart.

So tonight, bend down and give your pup a warm hug,




Kash, Dog Training, and his Dog Crate from Amazon

Kash our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy is still going through dog training. He was successfully crate trained thanks to Dog Training Secrets, the dog training guide we bought online when we first adopted Kash.

The one thing we have to constantly re-enforce is the “how to stop dog from biting” and now “how to stop dog from jumping on people”. Kash seems to think that everyone wants to be jumped on. He does jump gently, but nobody likes a dog that jumps on you, especially with dirty paws.

He was really good about biting for several weeks, now that his baby teeth have fallen out and the new bright white chompers are in, he is starting to bite a little more. It just seems like it is bred into him to bite. I know that Border Collies like to “mouth” but he goes a little beyond that.

Enough about dog training.

We woke up to the ground covered with a couple inches of snow! Heck it’s April 18th! It sure is pretty though. Kash loves the snow, so we went for a walk in the woods first thing in the morning.

Border Collie-Aussie pup out in the April snow
Loves the snow!

Kash runs like a crazy nut through the woods at break-neck speeds.  Prickers. thorns, and branches, it doesn’t matter, he goes right through them.

The other thing this crazy dog likes to do, is not only walk on logs, but run on logs.  He will walk a log to the end or as far as he can go, and then does a four paw pirouette and turns around.  He also like to stand on them with his front paws and scout the territory.


Dog training didn't teach anything about log walking!
Kash puts all four paws together and makes the turn

Kash the Dog

I just wanted to show you Kash’s dog crate that he sleeps in and uses to take naps.  We bought a fairly large size even though we could have gotten by with something a little smaller.  But now he has plenty of room for a bed cushion and a play area.

We followed the instructions in our dog training guide and it worked.  Kash really is comfortable in his Midwest Life Stages 42 inch dog crate.  It has safe and secure slide-bolt latches, a durable satin-black electro-coat finish, 1-1/2-by-5-7/8-inch mesh, rounded corners, and two plastic handles for carrying. The unit easily sets up and folds down to a portable size for suitcase-style carrying, and an ABS-composite plastic pan for easy clean up comes included. And the dog crate carries a one-year limited warranty.

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

All in all, Kash is turning out to be a good dog, soon to be a great dog. As long as he is fed good healthy dog food, exercised enough, trained well, and given the love and attention a Border Collie-Aussie needs, he will be just fine.

Love your dog, they love you back even more.


Kash is Growing Up. But We Are Still Puppy Training.

Puppy training is still the right term for the teaching of commands for Kash.  I do think that in a couple months we will be able to refer to it as dog training.

Kash is progressing from a puppy into a young adult dog.  I created a video using Animoto ( a really cool free video creator) and my photos taken over the last 2 months of Kash growing up.  See what you think.

Note: This is a high definition video so you might have to click pause once it gets started to let it load up fully. (it all depends on your internet provider speed)

You can see this here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdzUpn8ciI0

At the end of the video, My Favorite Photo is…

Our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy jumping over the creekKash the Dog

So that’s it for today.  Oh yeah, Kash chased 3 more squirrels.  They are starting to get the message that feeding on the bird food will be more of a challenge.  Also, we are going to get more focused on our puppy training this weekend.  Kash needs to get more focused on his commands. (actually we need to get more focused on the commands)

Going for a walk,


Kash’s Dog Training Course Doesn’t Teach This

This is something our dog training course didn’t cover.

I have been trying to get Kash to pay attention to the squirrels that have been raiding the bird feeder since I switched to a new kind of food.  I can hold Kash up, nose to the window, squirrel not more than 8 ft away on the feeder, and Kash just doesn’t care.

But… Two days in a row, we have come out the office door and upon seeing squirrels at the feeder (100 ft away) I say SQUIRREL!  And take off running towards them.  The squirrels run down the tree and across the yard.  Kash caught on.  He passed me up and was hot after those squirrels.  Once up the tree, they were safe, Kash would lose interest and we would go in the house for a snack.  He will be a squirrel chaser yet!

Dog training course doesn't teach dog to chase squirrels
I think they went up that tree!

Kash the Dog

Kash is learning the perimeters of where he can go and where he cannot go.  My wife has spent the last 2 summers planting beds of flowers and does not want them dug up before she gets to see them bloom for the first time.  She put a lot of work into the flowers.

So, anytime Kash ventures into a forbidden area, I gently but firmly guide him out of the area while saying “NO DIG”.  At first he thought it was a game and would immediately run back into the flower bed and wait for me to come get him, ready to bolt when I reached down to grab him.  (I told you he was a little stinker!)

After a couple times of this, I had to exert my “alpha dog” status on him and pin him down. He usually gets that message pretty clearly.  It’s working, but once in a while he forgets. You can just see it in his eyes that he is not even thinking of where he is.  So I remind him.

Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy running through the woods

We had another light snowfall last night.  Kash loves the snow!

Kash has been real good about his crate training.  He doesn’t always go in when you tell him to, just because he would rather hang out with me (so I think).  But if you give him a treat, he goes right in and lays down.  Doesn’t whimper or cry.  The most we would ever leave him in there while gone is 4 hours.  And even then, I feel so bad for him being cooped up. It is a big crate.  (42″ X 38″ X 38″ tall)

At night, he is ready to go in his crate about 10 P.M.  He stays sleeping until the alarm goes off at 6 A.M.  Then he goes outside, does what he does, comes back in, eats, and sacks out in the corner of the couch on his blanket.

I watched some Border Collie Dog Training videos the other day.  Man, are there some talented smart, and skilled dogs out there!  Hopefully Kash will be an highly skilled trained dog someday.  Yeah, right.  We just want to have fun!

Kash on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umKPiKyUvrk



Border Collie Mix – Is It a Blessing or a Curse?

Kash, a Border Collie mix puppy certainly displays a lot of “smarts” but also has some hard to handle border collie traits.

I was certain that there was no problem, me, being able to handle the bundle of energy that a Border Collie Aussie mix can bring. Boy, do both my wife and I have our hands full!

If it wasn’t for the dog training program Dog Training Secrets, I am not sure we would have lasted this long.  We are finally getting the biting under control.  Like the puppy training program said, it takes persistence, patience, and commitment.

border collie mix
He doesn't always like to be told what to do!

Our ongoing training starts before we let him out of the crate in the morning.  We tell him to “sit” before he gets let out, and then to “lay down” before he let out the door to go outside.  Tomorrow we are going to teach him to ring a bell that I will locate near the door.

We will teach Kash to ring the bell when he needs to go out, not necessarily when he wants to go out.  The bell will be located just high enough and off to the side of the door, so that he doesn’t just ring it by accident.  It will have to be a conscious effort.

If any of you has had success with “ringing the bell to go out” I would really love it if you would leave a comment in the comment box.  We are wondering how long it took to get your dog trained.

Kash sure does seem to learn fast, at least the basics.  How to stop puppy biting and how to stop puppy barking has been the challenge for sure.  He sure seems like he is strong-willed, or head-strong. I am not sure what you call it.  We call it defiance!  He is a little stinker, for sure.

Want more information on what we feel is the best dog training course online?  Click on this link and it will take you directly to the website –>DogTrainingSecrets

Interested in seeing another website about Kash?


Need to know more about the best dog food and what to look for in a healthy dog food? This is a link to another page on this blog about dog food information.


Walk and talk with your dog tonight.


Dog Training a Puppy. Be Consistent

Do you need a dog training lesson, or need information on training a puppy?  Read my story below…

training a puppy
Kash, playing with a 2 liter Vernors bottle

I thought and  many others thought I was somewhat a “dog whisperer”.  Kash the puppy never heard of such a thing!  This little 4 legged creature sure took me down a notch or two.

We are so glad we decided to search online for a “dog training” program, course, or DVD on how to train a puppy, due to the breed of Kash, a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix.  We had heard how energetic, smart, and quirky a Border Collie can be.  An Australian Shepherd has some strong traits as well.

We wanted to get a little help, suspecting we may need it.  We aren’t as young as we were the last time we had a puppy.  We investigated a lot of books and websites all saying what they believed was the right course of action to take when training a dog.  Some we liked, some we would never do to our puppy.

We finally settled in on one that we thought would fit our way of thinking and style.  It turned out to be a great investment on our puppy.  Without this training, I am not sure we would still have Kash.  He was that much of a stinker!

Kash learned fast.  He is so smart!  The methods we learned with our new training package was incredibly easy to put into action, and the results were practically seen in minutes in most cases!  This dog never ceases to amaze me in how fast it learns.  Maybe I AM the dog whisperer I fantisized I was, but in truth, it is the dog training techniques.

So if you have a puppy or dog that you are having problems with, I highly recommend this dog training course that you can find at this website: http://dogtrainingsecrets.com

This course is very detailed in many areas.  From basic “sit” to advanced commands, your dog will respond and both you and your dog will benefit greatly.

I now feel that Kash WILL be a great dog!  He went from out of control to a well behaved puppy.  This is just the beginning.  Keep your eye peeled right here because I am working on a video to show you what, and how well Kash has learned and responded to this puppy training.

Play with your dog, it will do your heart some good.


Implementing Puppy Training

Hello Border Collie-Aussie Enthusiast,

Puppy training.

Thirteen weeks old and the puppy, Kash, is already smart as a whip! I have never witnessed a puppy at this age display such problem solving abilities!

My wife and I are now starting training with the basic sit, stay, lay down, shake, shake left, shake right, and roll over commands. We are also using hand signals to go along with the verbal commands. Kash seems to be learning about 1-2 commands per day. Quite impressive I think.

We have looked at several dog training courses and feel this training exhibits the best of what, and how, we wanted to train, in a training course. It is online at this link. www.dogtrainingsecrets.com

puppy training
Sitting still for a change

The next thing we have investigated is the proper balanced nutritional dog food.  I believe it will be a combination of home prepared dog food and the best commercial dog food.  More on that in the next post.

Be kind, hug your dog.