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Border Collie Mix

Kash the Dog, A Border Collie Mix with a Big Dose of Australian Shepherd.

Can there be a smarter dog than this Border Collie mix? Of course, everyone thinks their dog is the smartest critter to walk the earth. But I’m voting for my dog Kash.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix

We have bought all kinds of toys on Amazon for Kash, but he likes sticks! But one of his favorites in the house is a:

Plush Skinneeez Fox 24-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy

(that is a link to this toy on Amazon)

He grabs that fox first thing in the morning and then puts it back in his toy box when he goes to bed at night.

Kash the Dog has several different barks. I can tell if he is barking at a cat versus barking at a squirrel. I can also tell the difference of his bark if he recognizes a familiar car, or one that has not been in our driveway before.

And then he talks. In his own language of course. But you can ask if he has to go outside to do his business and he will answer (in his own noises) and it is a different noise if he just wants to go out on the deck.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix
Scanning for squirrels

He sits on a bench next to me in the woods and looks for squirrels. I taught him to sit still (which is hard for his Border Collie mix “breed”) and just scan the trees for squirrels. He loves it. When we spot one, he just waits for me to say “squirrel”!  Off like a rocket and then the all too familiar annoying squirrel bark!

One another whole subject, have you ever thought it through, if there were to be some kind of emergency and you had to evacuate with your pet? Would you be prepared?

Well I have been somewhat of a preparedness guy and think that you should have a dog survival kit. These are not real expensive, but can offer some piece of mind if you have one and an emergency plan.

You can always put one together yourself and keep it in a closet or handy place in case it’s needed. That way you can customize it to fit your needs. Something to think about.

Take your dog for a walk today, especially if it’s a Border Collie mix!

Thomas and Kash