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Border Collie-Aussie Named Kash Flow Rocks!

Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Travels Two Lane Roads – With Style!

Border Collie Aussie
Kash Flow making a splash!

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog, goes into vacation mode the minute we leave on our epic two lane road adventures. It’s like he has 2 distinct personalities, one is the normal at home, go “100 miles an hour” dog, and the other is the calm, well behaved vacation dog!

Border Collie Aussie mix
The sly ambush mode!

You know Border Collie-Aussie mix dogs are extremely smart. They learn good habits really fast, and can learn bad ones just as fast if you are not careful. We invested in a dog training course because this dog gave me fits as a puppy. Best move we made!

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Kash the Dog is so gentle to other living creatures.

The Raccoon in the House Story!

He isn’t kind to raccoons though. Maybe he thought he was protecting me, but when we went out to pee one night, I opened the door and there was a raccoon, 3 feet away! Without hesitation Kash attacked that critter and they tangled on the deck, going around the corner! I yelled at him top let it go! He did.

When my wife came running to see what was happening, I opened the door and grabbed a flashlight to look for our dog. When I went out the door, the wounded raccoon scooted into the house, right past my leg and over top of my wife’s feet!

Now I hate to admit it, but I have a little fear of raccoons – especially wounded ones in my house! Well I finally tracked it down under the bed, pushed it out with a walking stick, and it walked right out the door it came in! Limping all the way.

We checked Kash the Dog over real good and then real good again. We just didn’t want there to be any bites or flesh wounds. (he has a current rabies shot). He was good. The raccoon, not so much..

Border Collie-Aussie
This Border Collie-Aussie has no fear – except snakes and frogs!


The raccoon had a bad ending. It only made it to the bushes by the deck, where Kash tore it up again and I had to put it down. Sadly, this was how it ended.

This Border Collie-Aussie Loves to Swim!

Anyway, Kash has traveled all across the USA o two lane roads with us the last 5 summers. He has been swimming in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Missouri, Columbia, Hoh, Skagit, Klamath, St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson, and many, many more rivers, lakes and ponds!

Border Collie Aussie mix
Me and my pal Kash Flow!

I’m telling you, he is such a fantastic, loyal, well-behaved dog, and I have to give credit to the online dog training course we invested in. So if you have, or are thinking about getting a Border Collie-Aussie, make sure you are prepared. Invest in a little extra help dog training, even if it’s just to learn some tips, it’s worth it

Until next time…

Hug your dog,

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash










How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing On the Wrong Things

How to stop your puppy from chewing on your shoes, furniture, clothes, or anything it can get it’s mouth on can be frustrating.

A Border Collie or Australian Shepherd, our little Kash is a mix of both, like to “mouth” objects, and it may appear that it is chewing or biting.  They learn how something feels with their mouths kind of like humans feel with their hands.

I know Kash will “mouth” my hand gently when he wants to taste or smell what I have been handling.  You can tell the difference between “mouthing” and biting, believe me.

How to stop your puppy from chewing.
Kash loves to chew sticks!

Kash the Dog

Want to learn how to stop your puppy from chewing?  This is what worked for us.

First of all you have to understand that a Border Collie or Border Collie mix needs something to do.  If they don’t and get bored, many will chew on whatever they can get their mouths on.  So with that in mind, we bought some really durable, fun, quality chew toys for him to chew on.  We did not give them all to him right away.

So whenever we caught him chewing on something that he was not supposed to chew, we let out a stern “no chew” in a low growl-like voice.  When he would stop we immediately gave him a “good boy” and handed him an allowable chew toy.

Don’t give him old socks, shoes, flip flops, or similar things to chew as toys, as that would train him to chew those things, as it might just be your $100 pair of sneakers!  When you do find him chewing his chew toys, praise him so he knows that it is OK to chew the right things.

Above all you have to be vigilant and consistent in training.  You have to do the same action each time so as not to confuse the little pup.  The best thing is to remove anything that you do not want chewed.  Take some preventative measures and move things out of reach and do not leave shoes, socks, or whatever else he could get his mouth on.

Dogs will be dogs, don’t punish them for that.  They just need someone to teach them what is acceptable or not.  They are learning everything new and need some puppy training and guidance.  Be patient.  They will appreciate it and probably learn faster as well.

Love your pet, walk your dog.


Kash, A Border Collie Mix Puppy Loves The Snow!

Having a Border Collie mix breed dog is a bit challenging.  This is the busiest puppy I have ever seen.  Into everything, including the clothes hamper.  It pulled out all the dirty socks and underwear one evening and stacked them up, one by one!

This morning was a great morning for a hike.  The snow had melted, and then froze hard overnight, so Kash could walk on top of the snow for a change.  It had been deeper than his legs for as long as we have had him.  So this was a treat!

We hiked back to the swamp were he could play on the slippery ice.  Did he have a ball!  I would throw a stick and he would go sliding in like a baseball player sliding into home plate!  What a character.

border collie mix
Coming out of the swamp.

We have been working on “come here” the last week.  Now as I have said before, Kash is a head-strong little puppy.  “Come here” was picked up right away, actually he learned the hand signal right along with it.  My wife didn’t believe me because he seldom came when called, so I told her to try it herself.

She went about 50 feet away and I told her to just tap the inside of her left knee with her hand.  Kash immediately ran over to her.  She still didn’t believe it.  So we waited until he was busy with a toy.  She called his name, tapped her left knee, and Kash jumped up and ran over to her and sat down!  She was impressed.

I’m telling you, this Secrets to Dog Training course we bought online is the cat’s meow!  I cannot believe how quickly Kash learns with these methods.  There are still a couple we are working on that are taking a little extra time, like “how to stop puppy from biting“, and “how to stop puppy from barking“.  It is getting better everyday.

We are going to keep focusing on the biting and barking until we have that completely nipped in the bud. (pun intended)  After we have those two issues mastered, and I think we’ll have it under control by the weekend, we are going to work on some hand signals (commands) outside.

He already know the hand signals for “sit”, “lay down” and like I just said above, “come here”.  I really never taught my previous dogs hand signals, so I am glad I learned these methods from Secrets to Dog Training.  It’s impressive to give your dog a hand signal and he does what it means.

Want a easy recipe for dog snacks? We call them Kash’s Cheezy Weezies.  They are real simple to make.  When they are baking, it smells so good that you will want to try them yourself. (not as good as they smell, but your dog will love them)

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Border Collie Mix – Is It a Blessing or a Curse?

Kash, a Border Collie mix puppy certainly displays a lot of “smarts” but also has some hard to handle border collie traits.

I was certain that there was no problem, me, being able to handle the bundle of energy that a Border Collie Aussie mix can bring. Boy, do both my wife and I have our hands full!

If it wasn’t for the dog training program Dog Training Secrets, I am not sure we would have lasted this long.  We are finally getting the biting under control.  Like the puppy training program said, it takes persistence, patience, and commitment.

border collie mix
He doesn't always like to be told what to do!

Our ongoing training starts before we let him out of the crate in the morning.  We tell him to “sit” before he gets let out, and then to “lay down” before he let out the door to go outside.  Tomorrow we are going to teach him to ring a bell that I will locate near the door.

We will teach Kash to ring the bell when he needs to go out, not necessarily when he wants to go out.  The bell will be located just high enough and off to the side of the door, so that he doesn’t just ring it by accident.  It will have to be a conscious effort.

If any of you has had success with “ringing the bell to go out” I would really love it if you would leave a comment in the comment box.  We are wondering how long it took to get your dog trained.

Kash sure does seem to learn fast, at least the basics.  How to stop puppy biting and how to stop puppy barking has been the challenge for sure.  He sure seems like he is strong-willed, or head-strong. I am not sure what you call it.  We call it defiance!  He is a little stinker, for sure.

Want more information on what we feel is the best dog training course online?  Click on this link and it will take you directly to the website –>DogTrainingSecrets

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Walk and talk with your dog tonight.