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Border Collie-Aussie Pup is Fine Now That I Bit Him Back!

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy has almost quit his puppy biting!  That is now that I took some drastic measures to get him to realize that it is no longer going to be tolerated.  After biting me for no reason, I grabbed his front leg and chomped down on it until he yipped.  He got up and slowly walked away from me in disbelief and laid down.

The next time he was out of control in a biting frenzy.  I rolled up a newspaper and whacked him on the butt after he bit my arm.  Now, I am not one for hitting a dog, much less a puppy, but we had tried all the methods the experts are teaching to no avail.  These methods finally got through to Kash, our little head-strong critter.


Kash, a Border Collie-Aussie loves to play.
Aw come on, let's play "catch me if you can"!

Kash the Dog

So our dog training guide is getting a work out.  We are training Kash to shake, shake right paw, shake left paw, count to five with his paw, and am going to try to get him to tap dance with his front feet. (I don’t know about that last one).  The way the author of our dog training guide teaches, it is very easy to implement and carry out.  I appreciate that.

Kash is still eating his healthy dog food without complaint.  He likes it dry or with warm water mixed in.  I did sneak him in some chicken meat the other day.  I think he really liked that.  He is 33+ pounds now – all lean, hard muscle.  I didn’t think a 4-5 month old puppy could have muscles this hard and strong already.

When he comes in after a great run in the woods, sometimes he licks his feet.  At that point, you can smell them.  My wife hates it.  She says it’s the smell of speed.  I agree.  He is so blazing fast.


 Border Collie-Aussie leaping through the air
Kash is fast, leaps small creeks in a single bound!

Kash the Dog

Remember, if you think your dog is too fat, YOU are not exercising enough.


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Stop Puppy Biting Please! Puppy Training Works, Sometimes.

The continuing saga of the “stop puppy biting” issue that I thought was just about solved.  We have been working so hard trying to correct Kash’s puppy biting.  He may think he is just “mouthing”, but with those needle sharp teeth, they tear flesh, draw blood, and then he gets defiant when you tell him “NO”.  NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The dog training guide we have been using has worked remarkably well for everything else. Well, except for the “stop puppy barking” problem we also have.  We think we have been unfortunately blessed with a difficult head strong puppy.  We will overcome these two issues with consistency and commitment.  Kash will be trained.


puppy training, how to stop puppy biting has been difficult
Truly beautiful day in the woods. Here comes a little Kash!

Kash the Dog

It was an awesome morning with a fresh two inch dropping of bright white snow that stuck to the trees.  Kash and I headed out into the woods.  The woodpeckers were pecking, geese were flying overhead, and birds were flitting around like it is spring.

We’ll keep on plugging with the biting and barking issue until we overcome the problem.  So stay tuned to see the results.  If you have any advice you can give us, we are open to suggestions. Just use the “comments” link.


Kash, a border collie-aussie puppy running image
I love to run!

Kash the Dog

Please leave a comment if you have any advice on “how to stop puppy biting” or “how to stop puppy barking” methods.  We would love to hear your story on how you did it.

Feed your dog healthy dog food and go for a walk today.


Kash, A Border Collie-Aussie Is Driving Me Nuts!

Do all Border Collie-Aussie puppies have this much energy and curiosity?

Kash needs constant supervision in the house or you will end up with chewed shoes, underwear, socks, flip flops, pillows, newspapers, magazines, toilet paper, and anything else he can fit in his mouth!  He even chews the concrete floor tiles! (I think he is really sharpening his snake fang-like teeth)

Border Collie-Aussie imageHe has even emptied out whole laundry baskets, one item at a time.  We secretly watched him without him knowing it just to see if he would complete his “mission”.  It was so funny because he would sneak real quiet-like, knowing he wasn’t supposed to be into the laundry.

If you tell Kash not to take something or go somewhere, he will sit down and study the situation, create a plan, and then slyly proceed to test his naughty plan.  He is a defiant little bugger!

He learns basic commands very quick, but some things are just not going to be learned as fast because of his bull headed attitude.  The dog training course we bought online is very detailed, but our dog invents stuff that the author hasn’t thought up a command for.

It is amazing to watch his problem solving skills.  He’s a thinker.  And a stinker!

To all the stinkers in the world, have fun now, because eventually you’ll get old.


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy image

Stop Puppy Biting Issue Is Conquered. Border Collie Mix – Wow

The “stop puppy biting” issue may have been conquered.  More on this a little later.

I’m telling you, a Border Collie mix puppy is so full of energy that it zaps YOU of energy!  I have slept so soundly ever since we got Kash, our handsome little stinker.  That is because by the end of the evening, I am worn out from constantly removing the many thousands of things from his mouth that he finds.  Maybe millions!

He does love to run.


border collie-aussie running through the woods
He he comes, blasting through the woods!

Kash the Dog

Okay, this is what I wanted to tell you about!  I think Kash is finally learning to “stop puppy biting“!  This is something we have been working on since the first week.  Our dog training guide has been the hero in this battle.

Kash is so darn head-strong that this has kinda become a battle of wills.  We have tried to stay consistent with what Dog Training Secrets teaches, and it finally is paying off.  Hats off to the guy that wrote this training guide!

The other issue we are working on before we go on to teaching other commands is the annoying “how to stop puppy barking” crap.  This has to stop.  I have never heard such a sharp, pierce-you-to-the-middle-of-the-brain, loud, in your ear bark!!!  Like I said, Kash is a little defiant guy.

Other than those two “take a little longer” training issues, Kash is a ultra fast learner.  When Kash is in the office when I am working, he will bring his water dish to me when it is empty.  He gently bumps my leg with it and makes a little “hmmph” noise.  It is so darn cute when he does that.


Border Collie-Aussie mix, stop the puppy biting.
He doesn’t look like the stinker I tell you he is.

Kash the Dog

It was a great day actually.  Little Kash is growing up.  He was well behaved today and has shown much better confidence in the woods, and had a lot of patience while I was working. So I am looking forward to another training session with my little Border Collie-Aussie puppy again tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted.

Love your dog.



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Border Collie-Aussie Mix is a VERY Active Dog!

My Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy is the most busy little guy you have ever seen!

I keep going back to all those warnings of how active and energetic these two breeds can be.  Well they were right.  I don’t know what possessed me to go out and buy a dog training program beforehand, but I’m sure glad I did!

Kash, our Border Collie mix puppy just turned 16 weeks today.  Here is his 16th week picture.

Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy, 16 weeks
16 Weeks Old, A Purebred Stinker!

Kash is learning quite easily the commands like “sit”, stay, “lay down”, fetch, “come here”, and ringing the bell by the door to go out.  He is a little slower learning “no bite”, no jump, and “no bark”.  These last three are so important, but he is just so head-strong that it almost feels like these three bad traits were bred into him.  So we’ll keep working on it.

Kash is just loving the twice daily walks in our woods.  He is learning to watch my eyes when I give him a vocal signal to see what I am looking at.  Border Collies are known to be able to distinguish eye signals and act on them.  I know this to be true.  My previous dog was a Border Collie mix, and was real good at eye signals.

Dog Training Secrets
Busy, busy, busy!

Kash is now taking the shape of a dog and losing the puppy fuzzball look.  He has gained 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, pure muscle, I might add.  He seems to really like his food.  I researched a lot of dog foods, but the best resource I found for healthy dog food was on the web.

I also add in one high quality fish oil capsule (I cut the end off and squeeze it in) to Kash’s puppy food every day.  I do this for his skin which seemed dry since the very first day we picked him up.  He has very good bowel movements, like clockwork.  Easier to housebreak when they are on a schedule.

Well, there is todays 16 week birthday update, the day is really only half over, so the puppy training is still going full force yet.  Stay tuned.