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Border Collie Aussie Information – Kash Flow

Border Collie Aussie Information

Our Border Collie Aussie mix dog named Kash Flow, is such a good and smart dog. With Border Collies and Australian Shepherds being listed in the “top ten” smartest dog breeds, having a mix of these two is quite a treat!

Kash the Dog!

Kash travels well with us in our modified Honda Odyssey when we take our cross country, two lane road trips. He goes into vacation mode, which is much different from his behavior at home.

At home, our Border Collie Aussie mix is lively, energetic, talkative, and super playful. When on vacation he is somewhat subdued, quiet, and very obedient. It is an amazing transformation. He just realizes that he is in a different situation and adapts to the moment.

As we travel we are always looking for a beautiful, clean, and safe place for Kash to swim. He loves to swim! He has been in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the Mississippi River, St Lawrence Seaway, Hudson River, Klamath River, Columbia River, all 5 Great Lakes and many many more bodies of water.

Border Collie Aussie Mix
Kash just adores Shelly!

Kash was one of 4 Border Collie Aussie puppies that the North Star Border Collie Rescue Organization had up for adoption. He was the runt of the litter. Now he is the biggest. One of his brothers is an almost identical twin, another brother is a sleek, quick, Flyball champion, and the he had a sister, which I don’t know too much about.

We had quite a time trying to get him to bond with us. It took a full 6 months before he became the wonderful companion he is now. He would bite us, bark out of control, jump on us, wouldn’t let us pet him, and seldom would stay in the same room we were in.

Then at 6 months, it was like a switch flipped and he became such a lover dog! And to think at least a dozen times we were going to bring him back to the rescue organization. In the back of my mind I always knew he would be a great family dog, and that is why we never gave up!

Border Collie Aussie Mix
Kash guarding the castle!

So there is a little bit about Kash the Dog, our Border Collie Aussie mix pooch. He is a valued member of our family!

Pet and hug your dog!

Thomas and Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash