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“Get Paid up to $200 an Hour to Take Photographs,….all you need is a Camera, Internet Connection and a Computer!”

“Turn Your Photos Into Cash” Home Study Course Review

turn digital photos into cash


Dan Feildman


“Turn Your Photos Into Cash” is a home study course about making money online through digital photography. Written for anyone who can use a digital camera, the course focuses on selling digital photography through stock photo sites on the Internet. The text and video formats allow different types of learners to make the most of the course.

Product Details:

Turn Your Photos Into Cash” – The main course is a 129-page Ebook with the following chapters:

– Introduction

– Jumpstart Your Career

– Before You Begin

– Four Ways to Make Money with Your Digital Photos

– Five Secrets to Making More Money with Your Stock Photos

– Tips and Tricks for Taking Better Photos

– Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Your Photos

The product also comes with the following kick butt bonuses:

1. “Offline Opportunities Report” – A 34-page special report about offline ways to make money with digital photography

2. “Slash Your Learning Curve Using These Five Checklists” – Detailed checklists or cheat sheets guide the user through the essential points of the course. The checklists are:

– What You Need to Make Money Online with Your Digital Photos

– The Legalities of Digital Photography

– How to Protect Your Photography

– How to Take Better Photos

– How to Improve Your Image Editing

3. “Five Action Steps Guides” – Step-by-step guide to make money through specific websites. The guides are:

– How to Make Money with iStockphoto

– How to Make Money with Stockxpert

– How to Make Money with CafePress

– How to Find Freelance Projects with Elance

– How to Make Money with

4. “Turn Your Photos Into Cash Mind Maps” – Excellent for visual learners, the mind maps allow the user to grasp the strategies at a glance. The mind maps offer an excellent overview of the course, and can be used to refresh the lessons in the user’s mind. The 8 mind maps are:

– Complete Mind Map

– Introduction

– Jump Start Your Career

– Before You Begin

– Four Ways to Make Money

– Five Secrets to Making More Money

– Tips for Enhancing Photos

– Tips for Taking Better Photos

5. “Turn Your Photos Into Cash” Video – This is the complete home study course in either video or audio-only formats.


The main course and first four bonuses are digital text files in the form of PDF. The videos are in digital Flash format. These can be either viewed online or downloaded into the user’s hard drive. The audio version of the course is in mp3 format, which can be loaded into any mp3 player.

Thoughts on the Product:

“Turn Your Photos Into Cash” was created for anybody who knows how to use a digital camera and has access to a computer with Internet connection. One does not have to be a professional photographer to understand and benefit from the course. While it briefly discusses the technical issues of digital photography, the course really isn’t about how to take digital photographs. It is about how to sell those photographs online and make money.

The course presents these marketing strategies in easy to understand language. Even complete newbies or amateur digital photographers will not be overwhelmed or intimidated. The strategies don’t take a lot of time or energy to implement. The bonus cheat sheets, step-by-step guides and mindmaps make it even easier to actually take action and simply jump into making money with digital photography.

The video and audio formats will appeal to visual and auditory learners. That you can load the lessons into your mp3 player and listen to them on the go is a definite plus.

Digital photography is a little-known work at home business model, particularly among those who are not professional photographers. With “Turn Your Photos Into Cash,” however, even amateur photographers with a little time and motivation can soon be making money with their photographs.

Where to Learn More:

This is a really detailed product, best that I have seen on turning photos into cash.  You will thank me for showing you this opportunity later.


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