New Vet, and How to Stop Puppy From Biting

A new veterinarian and a great lesson in how to stop puppy from biting.

Learn How to Stop Puppy From Biting
Kash has snake-like, needle sharp "fangs".

I took Kash to the vet for his last puppy shot on Saturday.  This is the vet the North Star Border Collie Rescue organization was using.  What a great guy.  Tells it like it is, no sugar coating with this guy – I like that!

He showed me his technique on becoming the Alpha dog leader, a “requirement” of new clients.  He asked what was the worst trait that Kash had as a puppy right now.  It was biting, whether playing or biting out of frustration.

He demonstrated his technique.  He was quick to point out that it is not for everyone, as there are many ways to achieve the desired result.

When Kash opened his mouth to “play” bite, the vet grabbed his snout firmly, bellowed NO in an authorative voice and pinned Kash down until he submitted.  It was uncomfortable to see Kash struggle, but he was incredibly good from that moment on.  The vet established himself as the “alpha dog” in that room.

I was so impressed with the way Kash reacted to this technique that I tried it at home.  The first time Kash grabbed me with his snake-like, needle sharp teeth, I grabbed his snout with one hand, pinned him down with the other and let out my deepest authority like voice, NO!  Oh how Kash struggled and whined, bit I held firm.  Let up too early and it’s all for nothing.

Wow!  It worked for me too!  There was definitely a change in Kash from that moment on.  He looks at me in a much different way, a good way, actually a really good way.  It seems like he is looking for my next command, almost like he wants to please me.

Now he hasn’t completely been cured of biting.  I still have to remind him from time to time, especially when we get playing, or his dry skin itching frustrates him.  That’s a whole new story I’ll get into later on.

The rest of the training is going great.  My wife and I pick out a new “trick” or command we want to teach each night and go to our Secrets to Dog Training course and follow the detailed instructions.  Kash learns something new real quick with this system.  It is hard to believe he can grasp commands at this young of age.  I give credit to the training system and our commitment to consistency.

So, I would really love to tell you we had complete success in learning how to stop puppy from biting, but I do believe it will take a week or so to fully realize.  The big change is how Kash seems to respect me more.

I would love to hear any comments, or what your technique or method was to keep your puppy from biting.  Please leave a comment.

Thanks to all you dog lovers that have rescued a loving dog.


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