Kash’s Border Collie-Aussie Mix Brother Came to Visit.

Mario, Kash’s Border Collie-Aussie Brother Came to Visit!

How cool is that? Mario, Kash’s sibling came to our house to visit. Mario lives on the other side of the state. He is a handsome dog that is smart and crazy quick!

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Mario – Kash’s sibling

At first, Kash did not know what to think of Mario when they first saw each other. Kash was certainly hesitant, not sure if he liked having another dog on his turf. But once they got to sniffing each other, you would think they would recognize each other as brothers.

Kash gets real bashful when he gets around another dog that has as much energy or more than he does. It’s kind of strange, the behavior he exhibits around high energy dogs, when he is one himself.

We went for a walk around our property, through the fields and woods, both dogs kind of minding themselves. Once back, we tried to get them to play, but Kash, like I said is kind of weird around other dogs. They did play, but not full out.

border collie-aussie mix dogs

Mario, sitting down, and Kash

Mario is such a well trained and well behaved dog. You can tell his master put a lot of time in with Mario and trained him in many areas. I was so impressed with the quickness and speed of Mario. I thought Kash was crazy fast, Mario is like lightning!

It sure was nice of Bob to get in touch with us so we could get the two brothers back together for a visit. Hope we can do this again sometime. Thanks Bob!

Keep hugging your dog,

Thomas and Kash

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