Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix is a Handsome Dog

The Border Collie-Aussie Mix called Kash the Dog is just getting more handsome by the day.  His puppy cuteness has worn off and now he is sporting that good looking young adult fresh look.  I might be biased, but then again, I live with him.


Kash the Dog a Border Collie-Aussie is resting
Yeah, that's me. Kash the Dog

Collie Mix

This dog has grown some of the whitest, sharpest, big teeth the last month.  I have had to sew up several of his toys with heavy duty thread, take some of his toys away due to him crunching them, and keep an eye on whatever he chews.  Those back shark-sharp molars combined with his growing strength are dangerous!

He is deceptively fast!  It doesn’t even look like he is moving as fast as he gets there.  Did that make sense?  Anyway, he covers some ground quick.  And he moves like a ghost.  He creeps me out sometimes because, the last time I saw him he was 50 yards away, and blink, there is he right behind me like he had always been there! Crazy fast and silent.

The neighbor dog, a German Shepherd mix, comes over every day for a biscuit.  This started years ago when Hendrix would come see Kozmo, our paralyzed dog. (R.I.P.)  He would come over and hang out on the deck with the “Mo” and even rub her back with his snout.  He was so good to her, so we always fed him a biscuit.  So after Kozmo passed he would still stop by every day and get a biscuit.

Well Hendrix doesn’t really like Kash too much, due to Kash jumping in his face all the time. Hendrix is tolerating Kash just to get the biscuit.  Hendrix is 110+ pounds, Kash is just 42 pounds.  One day, Kash will get put in his place, maybe.


A Border Collie-Aussie and a German Shepherd mix dog playing
Kash jumping all over good natured Hendrix

Kash the Dog

I am going to try a barking deterrent collar on Kash this next week.  There is no amount of dog training that seems to get Kash to quit barking, especially at night when we want to slow down and relax.  Yelling matches have been getting more frequent with Kash.  I hate yelling.  Kash hates yelling, and Shelly really hates yelling.  So, we will try the collar.

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