Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Loves the Snow

Do All Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dogs Go Crazy Over Snow?

Our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog named Kash couldn’t wait to get outdoors this morning! He was whining and carrying on at the door like there was a squirrel or a cat out there he wanted to chase.

But, he knew that the first snow had fallen during the night and just wanted to run around and play in it! We first brought him home at 12 weeks old from the rescue organization and played with him in the snow, so it was the first memory he has of us and his home.

border collie-aussie
Kash and his favorite outside ball.

We were up and outside before the sunrise this morning. Kash was so darn sparky and just full of energy for this early in the morning. We waited for first light before we headed into the woods.

border collie-aussie mix
Kash coming down the trail.

After a nice walk through the fresh snow covered woods, we went in for a nice warm bowl of homemade dog food, well, Kash ate the homemade dog food, I had hot, steaming steel-cut oats and an egg.

I make Kash healthy homemade dog food to supplement the Blue Buffalo dry dog food we give him. I get recipes out of a ebook purchase online at healthydogfoodrecipes.com. It has recipes that are easy to make and Kash seems to love them, so I make it.

There are homemade dog snack recipes in the book as well. Kash really likes those a lot. Here is a recipe I posted before, http://www.bordercollie-aussie.com/healthy-dog-food/ it’s one that I came up with after making biscuits with other recipes. Try it, your dog will love them.

Kash caught a Blue Heron the other day! After coming close so many times this summer, he finally caught it, and it wasn’t pretty! I have never heard such hideous sqwawking from a bird ever!

I called Kash off the heron, (he obeys real good now) and he came running back to me all proud and excited. With a pat on his back, I grabbed my flashlight and camera and went to see how much damage he caused to the heron.

It was just getting dark when I found the bird, tangled up in the brush, but looking OK and didn’t seem to be scared. I talked to it for about four or five minutes, moved some brush, and told it to follow my flashlight beam of light.

Blue Heron
The Blue Heron that Kash caught

The Blue Heron, pictured above, followed my flashlight beam through the woods, took about 10 minutes until be got to the opening by the field. And then hesitated a moment, and flew off, straight at the rising, big yellow full moon. Awesome sight!

The next morning the Blue Heron was standing in our back yard when Kash and I went out. Seeing the bird, I left Kash on the deck and walked toward the heron. He walked toward me until it was about 20 feet away and flew off. I think it was just letting me know it was OK. Haven’t seen it since.

Well, hug your dog, and make some healthy homemade dog food for your pet. Your loyal pooch will love you for caring so much!

Happy Holidays,

Thomas & Kash, the Border Collie-Aussie dog that loves snow

Thomas Fouts and Kash the Dog


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