Kash is Growing Up. But We Are Still Puppy Training.

Puppy training is still the right term for the teaching of commands for Kash.  I do think that in a couple months we will be able to refer to it as dog training.

Kash is progressing from a puppy into a young adult dog.  I created a video using Animoto ( a really cool free video creator) and my photos taken over the last 2 months of Kash growing up.  See what you think.

Note: This is a high definition video so you might have to click pause once it gets started to let it load up fully. (it all depends on your internet provider speed)

You can see this here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdzUpn8ciI0

At the end of the video, My Favorite Photo is…

Our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy jumping over the creekKash the Dog

So that’s it for today.  Oh yeah, Kash chased 3 more squirrels.  They are starting to get the message that feeding on the bird food will be more of a challenge.  Also, we are going to get more focused on our puppy training this weekend.  Kash needs to get more focused on his commands. (actually we need to get more focused on the commands)

Going for a walk,


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