Implementing Puppy Training

Hello Border Collie-Aussie Enthusiast,

Puppy training.

Thirteen weeks old and the puppy, Kash, is already smart as a whip! I have never witnessed a puppy at this age display such problem solving abilities!

My wife and I are now starting training with the basic sit, stay, lay down, shake, shake left, shake right, and roll over commands. We are also using hand signals to go along with the verbal commands. Kash seems to be learning about 1-2 commands per day. Quite impressive I think.

We have looked at several dog training courses and feel this training exhibits the best of what, and how, we wanted to train, in a training course. It is online at this link.

puppy training
Sitting still for a change

The next thing we have investigated is the proper balanced nutritional dog food.  I believe it will be a combination of home prepared dog food and the best commercial dog food.  More on that in the next post.

Be kind, hug your dog.


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