Dog Training a Puppy. Be Consistent

Do you need a dog training lesson, or need information on training a puppy?  Read my story below…

training a puppy
Kash, playing with a 2 liter Vernors bottle

I thought and  many others thought I was somewhat a “dog whisperer”.  Kash the puppy never heard of such a thing!  This little 4 legged creature sure took me down a notch or two.

We are so glad we decided to search online for a “dog training” program, course, or DVD on how to train a puppy, due to the breed of Kash, a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix.  We had heard how energetic, smart, and quirky a Border Collie can be.  An Australian Shepherd has some strong traits as well.

We wanted to get a little help, suspecting we may need it.  We aren’t as young as we were the last time we had a puppy.  We investigated a lot of books and websites all saying what they believed was the right course of action to take when training a dog.  Some we liked, some we would never do to our puppy.

We finally settled in on one that we thought would fit our way of thinking and style.  It turned out to be a great investment on our puppy.  Without this training, I am not sure we would still have Kash.  He was that much of a stinker!

Kash learned fast.  He is so smart!  The methods we learned with our new training package was incredibly easy to put into action, and the results were practically seen in minutes in most cases!  This dog never ceases to amaze me in how fast it learns.  Maybe I AM the dog whisperer I fantisized I was, but in truth, it is the dog training techniques.

So if you have a puppy or dog that you are having problems with, I highly recommend this dog training course that you can find at this website:

This course is very detailed in many areas.  From basic “sit” to advanced commands, your dog will respond and both you and your dog will benefit greatly.

I now feel that Kash WILL be a great dog!  He went from out of control to a well behaved puppy.  This is just the beginning.  Keep your eye peeled right here because I am working on a video to show you what, and how well Kash has learned and responded to this puppy training.

Play with your dog, it will do your heart some good.


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