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Border Collie or Australian Shepherd?

Who is More Intelligent?  Border Collie or Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd or Border Collie? Tough question. Probably impossible to answer. Because there are so many variables, including lineage, training, and environment, it’s tough to compare.

I do know one thing, they can both be smart as a whip! But smart doesn’t always mean easy. They can be “bad” smart just as easy as “good” smart.

Australian Shepherd
Good smart
Australian Shepherd
Bad smart

Dog Training Course – Do They Help?

I am lucky – now! Our first six months with Kash the Dog, our Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix furbaby, was going down the path of uncontrollable bad behavior. Luckily I had invested in an online dog training course that helped tremendously.

With consistent work at training the dog everyday, all day, finally paid off in a big way. At six months, long after when normal people would have probably given him back to the rescue organization, he flipped a switch and became a lover dog!

Now if you have read this blog from the beginning you all know this story. But what I am saying now, is all that information and action steps I took from the dog training course I invested in, certainly paid off in a huge way!

Let me tell you the story.

We went for our usual walk in the woods, taking the trail I take in the morning. But this particular morning, Kash stopped sideways blocking the trail. I could see in eyes and action that he was trying to tell me something.

Australian Shepherd
Smart “life saver” Australian Shepherd

He would not let me push past him. He kept looking down the trail so I thought it was maybe coyotes. We stood there a minute until I gave in and turned around. We walked about 20 steps and CRACK! A tree crashed down across the trail! And then a second one fell!

Now how did this Australian Shepherd that we almost gave up on, know that those trees were going to fall, right where we were going to walk? The weird thing was, there was slight to no wind at all that morning! Maybe saved my life!

Well that’s my story. Who cares what breed is the “smartest”, because for sure, your dog is the best dog ever!

My Border Collie and Australian Shepherd dog does come from two intelligent breeds, both in the top ten. But Kash the Dog is smart, lovable, brave, loyal, and trainable, all good traits.


Pet your dog and hug him.

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash the Dog 




Border Collie-Aussie Mix is 4.5 on Intelligence Scale

Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog, ROCKS!

When you talk to Kash in a conversational way, like you would talk to your mother, he sits and listens like he is trying so hard to learn the words.  He does understand what a lot of words mean and it always amazes me when he proves it.

border collie-aussie mix dog standing in a swamp

Collie Mix

I know Border Collie-Aussie mix dogs are smart, the Border Collie was ranked #1 and the Australian Shepherd was ranked #9 out of all dog breeds for intelligence.  So I guess that puts my dog Kash at about a 4.5 on the intelligence scale.  He would disagree profusely.

I mean after all, he’s Kash the Dog, Handsomest Dog in West Michigan with Speed!

All kidding aside, he has become a well behaved dog other than his jumping on people.  We have tried so many different techniques to get him to stop, nothing has worked.  The dog training course we invested in, in my eyes was a godsend.  Without the lessons it taught me, and my dog, I am not sure we would still have the critter.

As far as the health of Kash, he has not been sick a day since we adopted him.  Healthy, strong and happy.  I attribute it to good quality dog food, and also the homemade dog food we make for him just to give him some variety.  The healthy dog snack recipes we create are some of his favorite treats.

When other dog owners comment on how well behaved Kash is, my wife and I look at each other with pride, because of his behavior as a pup and young dog, we had to work really hard to get him to this stage.  Again, I attribute it to the dog training course.Border Collie-Aussie mix dog with his ball

Kash the Dog

I do have to admit to another bad habit Kash has developed lately.  When he is going out for the last time before bedtime, he thinks there is a raccoon out by the feeder every night!  I open the door and he busts down the steps and streaks straight at the feeder to catch any raccoons off guard.  I can’t seem to break him of this bad behavior.  Just because he treed one raccoon…

Our turkey that comes to the feeder won’t be stopping by any more.  A coyote killed it about 40 feet from my barn the other morning.  The dragged it over by some pines and plucked it and ate it or took it to it’s den, which I think is out back.

The smell of that coyote makes Kash’s fur stand up.  He does not like the smell of those coyotes.  He gets real uneasy when he smells them and even a little jumpy.  Good to know he is aware.

That’s it for now. Stroke your dogs ears gently and smile at him/her.

Thomas & Kash

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