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Kash is Growing Up. But We Are Still Puppy Training.

Puppy training is still the right term for the teaching of commands for Kash.  I do think that in a couple months we will be able to refer to it as dog training.

Kash is progressing from a puppy into a young adult dog.  I created a video using Animoto ( a really cool free video creator) and my photos taken over the last 2 months of Kash growing up.  See what you think.

Note: This is a high definition video so you might have to click pause once it gets started to let it load up fully. (it all depends on your internet provider speed)

You can see this here too:

At the end of the video, My Favorite Photo is…

Our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy jumping over the creekKash the Dog

So that’s it for today.  Oh yeah, Kash chased 3 more squirrels.  They are starting to get the message that feeding on the bird food will be more of a challenge.  Also, we are going to get more focused on our puppy training this weekend.  Kash needs to get more focused on his commands. (actually we need to get more focused on the commands)

Going for a walk,


Puppy Training Works for This Border Collie-Aussie Mix

Is the puppy training working?  Kash, the Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy has learned many basic commands and he has started to turn the corner on “stopping puppy biting“.

He was a four legged ball of fast moving energy that was into everything, biting whatever was in front of him, and then doing that puppy barking crap when you tried to tell him “NO”.  A pure stinker with talent for finding whatever might be loose, fits in his mouth, or is shreddable.


puppy training works for this Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy
Who me?

Kash the Dog

I told you early on that we did a lot of research before we even took custody of Kash on just how to train a Border Collie mix puppy.  We read a lot of information and a lot of it was the same.  The I found Dog Training Secrets and was convinced that this was what kind of dog training style we were looking for.

We were so pleased and agreed with most of the training.  I mean it was detailed and explained just what to do, but a couple things we had issues with.  Those two issues were “how to stop puppy from biting” and “how to stop puppy from barking“.

Now I don’t know if we were conveying the training wrong, or that we have a head-strong dog that may prove to be a difficult to train puppy.  He learned all the basic commands in a snap!  He is smart, but boy does he give us problems over those two issues.

difficult to train puppy
You calling me?


Kash the Dog

I hope this isn’t sounding too negative about Kash.  He does respond so well to the dog training guide commands, and he is incredibly smart.  Handsome and so entertaining that until those snake-like fangs snag your hand or sweatshirt, he is a blast!

We will forge ahead with puppy training.  He is so worth it!

In a quiet moment, talk to your dog at his level, he will appreciate the conversation.


Want to see more pictures of Kash? –>

The Puppy Training Continues…but first this special message

Puppy training can be a pain.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes tough-love has to take hold.

Dog Training Secrets
Border Aussie Puppy

My wife and I had a meeting yesterday to discuss how our dog training was progressing.  We realized that we were probably sending mixed signals to Kash during commands.  I was saying one thing when teaching the puppy not to bite, and she was speaking a different set of commands.  Not good.

So, we wrote down the exact words we are both going to be using from this time forward, for each command that we are teaching our little “hellion on 4 legs”.

We were warned about the high energy levels of a Border Collie puppy, but we thought the mix of Australian Shepherd may calm it a little.  Not so much.  You have to always be aware, every waking minute that Kash is not in his crate. (he only sleeps in his crate, and when we have to go to the store) otherwise he is in to everything.

All in all, the dog training course we purchased is a godsend.  It is amazing how quickly Kash learned how to sit, lay down, stay, and he has started “shaking” first with the left paw on the command “shake left”.  We work on the right paw tonight.

Without the training we got from our dog training guide, I think we may have been in trouble with this head-strong puppy.  It explained many straight forward instructions and how to carry them out, that made all the difference in how our puppy responded.

I thought I was a pretty savvy “dog whisperer” and had trained several dogs into great obedient and lovable pets, but our little Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy sure brought me down a couple notches.  I am so thankful for the tips and instructions that helped tremendously with getting our puppy under control, that I fully endorse and recommend this dog training product –> Secrets to Dog Training

Tonight we will resume puppy training as we do believe that we have to stay on top of this challenge and be consistent.  If you have any thought or suggestions, please comment in the comment area.  I look at all of them and will answer back if needed. Thanks.

If your dog is fat, maybe YOU should be getting more exercise.


Puppy Training – Asserting the Alpha Dog Leadership Role

Puppy training continues for Kash the Border Collie Aussie mix puppy.

puppy training on the run
Kash - Coming when called

Today, we are going to be continuing to work on asserting ourselves as the “alpha dog” leadership role.  As you probably know, dogs want to know where they stand in the hierarchy of the pack (family).  If they don’t know, they will try and assume the leadership role and you will then have your hands full with your puppy or dog.

The alpha dog rules.  He is usually a male, but not always, and is the one in the best physical condition.  He gets to eat first, (gets the choice parts of the meal) sleeps in the highest spot, (to watch over his pack and guard the position) and may be the biggest.

You want to be that alpha dog to your puppy or dog.  They will feel much more at ease when they know their position in the family.  Your dog will be more obedient and want to please you.

What I have learned to keep Kash from biting, (Kash bites a lot) is when he bites, either playing or lashing out in frustration, I grab him by the snout firmly, pin him down with gentle but firm pressure so he can’t squirm free, and in my deepest authoritative voice, I say NO BITE!

The voice I use is not my normal voice, but one that is a bit louder so that he can distinguish the difference in tone.  This is important.  You should always try to use the same tone when trying assert this change of behavior.

So far, this method has been working.  Kash is not completely trained to not bite yet, but it is getting better.  I was worried that I might instill in him a fear of me, but that is not happening.  Instead he looks at me as if to say “I’m sorry”.  And each time I say “no bite” he quits a little quicker.  I have to remind myself that he is just a pup.  A smart one though.

I forgot to mention that we are using a fantastic dog training product we found online.  I have looked at a lot of programs to train our dog, and this is by far the easiest to use, implement, and it fits how we want to train our puppy.  You can check it out here.

Click here —> Dog Training Information

More on Kash’s training sessions later.  There will be many.

I have posted a video with Kash as the star.  If you would like to see it on YouTube you can go here:

Pet your dog kindly,


Implementing Puppy Training

Hello Border Collie-Aussie Enthusiast,

Puppy training.

Thirteen weeks old and the puppy, Kash, is already smart as a whip! I have never witnessed a puppy at this age display such problem solving abilities!

My wife and I are now starting training with the basic sit, stay, lay down, shake, shake left, shake right, and roll over commands. We are also using hand signals to go along with the verbal commands. Kash seems to be learning about 1-2 commands per day. Quite impressive I think.

We have looked at several dog training courses and feel this training exhibits the best of what, and how, we wanted to train, in a training course. It is online at this link.

puppy training
Sitting still for a change

The next thing we have investigated is the proper balanced nutritional dog food.  I believe it will be a combination of home prepared dog food and the best commercial dog food.  More on that in the next post.

Be kind, hug your dog.