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How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing On the Wrong Things

How to stop your puppy from chewing on your shoes, furniture, clothes, or anything it can get it’s mouth on can be frustrating.

A Border Collie or Australian Shepherd, our little Kash is a mix of both, like to “mouth” objects, and it may appear that it is chewing or biting.  They learn how something feels with their mouths kind of like humans feel with their hands.

I know Kash will “mouth” my hand gently when he wants to taste or smell what I have been handling.  You can tell the difference between “mouthing” and biting, believe me.

How to stop your puppy from chewing.
Kash loves to chew sticks!

Kash the Dog

Want to learn how to stop your puppy from chewing?  This is what worked for us.

First of all you have to understand that a Border Collie or Border Collie mix needs something to do.  If they don’t and get bored, many will chew on whatever they can get their mouths on.  So with that in mind, we bought some really durable, fun, quality chew toys for him to chew on.  We did not give them all to him right away.

So whenever we caught him chewing on something that he was not supposed to chew, we let out a stern “no chew” in a low growl-like voice.  When he would stop we immediately gave him a “good boy” and handed him an allowable chew toy.

Don’t give him old socks, shoes, flip flops, or similar things to chew as toys, as that would train him to chew those things, as it might just be your $100 pair of sneakers!  When you do find him chewing his chew toys, praise him so he knows that it is OK to chew the right things.

Above all you have to be vigilant and consistent in training.  You have to do the same action each time so as not to confuse the little pup.  The best thing is to remove anything that you do not want chewed.  Take some preventative measures and move things out of reach and do not leave shoes, socks, or whatever else he could get his mouth on.

Dogs will be dogs, don’t punish them for that.  They just need someone to teach them what is acceptable or not.  They are learning everything new and need some puppy training and guidance.  Be patient.  They will appreciate it and probably learn faster as well.

Love your pet, walk your dog.