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Healthy Dog Snacks! Have you ever wanted to start your own business that takes your passion for dogs, providing them with healthy dog bones, baked dog snacks, and other items you can sell to make extra cash?

dog snacks

Have you ever thought about being able to stay at home with your pets/children and turn your passion into a home based business that could give you financial freedom? Wouldn’t that feel gratifying?

I have often thought about an online business that involved Kash the Dog, our Border Collie-Aussie mix. I think I could combine photography, Kash, and dog treats somehow. And now I found a solution to the dog bone snacks business!

Imagine baking healthy dog snacks that you know exactly what ingredients went into them. And then, after trying them out on your dog (Kash) for approval, you sell them to others that are looking for safe, healthy dog snacks. Sounds like a win/win situation!

Dog Bone

Well this is quite a departure from what I usually write about, but it really caught my interest and with all the uncertainties in the air right now, I am going to start an online business. One that involves what I like, and something that will provide a healthy solution for dog snacks. Something that other dog lovers love to do – reward their dog with a snack they know is healthy.

If you want information about this idea/product, don’t hesitate to look into this.

Start Your Own Healthy Dog Snack Business

Healthy Dog Snacks
That was delicious!

Kash the Dog and I have been taking daily hikes through the woods photographing the fall colors! Michigan is incredibly vibrant with colors right now – at least in SW Michigan and on The Blue Racer Ranch!

healthy dog snacks
Out in the Blue Racer Ranch woods.

We have been amazed with the color, and the pleasant weather! Kash the Dog just got his “hunter orange” vest that he wears when walking through the woods. It is bow deer hunting season right now and with Kash’s coloring and white tail, thought I better protect him.

So I’ll be working on a healthy dog snacks business plan that will somehow include Kash and my wife. I’m totally excited!

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash


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