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Border Collie-Aussie Mix is a VERY Active Dog!

My Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy is the most busy little guy you have ever seen!

I keep going back to all those warnings of how active and energetic these two breeds can be.  Well they were right.  I don’t know what possessed me to go out and buy a dog training program beforehand, but I’m sure glad I did!

Kash, our Border Collie mix puppy just turned 16 weeks today.  Here is his 16th week picture.

Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy, 16 weeks
16 Weeks Old, A Purebred Stinker!

Kash is learning quite easily the commands like “sit”, stay, “lay down”, fetch, “come here”, and ringing the bell by the door to go out.  He is a little slower learning “no bite”, no jump, and “no bark”.  These last three are so important, but he is just so head-strong that it almost feels like these three bad traits were bred into him.  So we’ll keep working on it.

Kash is just loving the twice daily walks in our woods.  He is learning to watch my eyes when I give him a vocal signal to see what I am looking at.  Border Collies are known to be able to distinguish eye signals and act on them.  I know this to be true.  My previous dog was a Border Collie mix, and was real good at eye signals.

Dog Training Secrets
Busy, busy, busy!

Kash is now taking the shape of a dog and losing the puppy fuzzball look.  He has gained 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, pure muscle, I might add.  He seems to really like his food.  I researched a lot of dog foods, but the best resource I found for healthy dog food was on the web.

I also add in one high quality fish oil capsule (I cut the end off and squeeze it in) to Kash’s puppy food every day.  I do this for his skin which seemed dry since the very first day we picked him up.  He has very good bowel movements, like clockwork.  Easier to housebreak when they are on a schedule.

Well, there is todays 16 week birthday update, the day is really only half over, so the puppy training is still going full force yet.  Stay tuned.

Collie Mix, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.

My Collie mix puppy named Kash, is half Border Collie and half Australian Shepherd.

We went out in our woods yesterday.  We had some incredible warm weather that melted almost all of our snow it two days!  The snow had been deeper than little Kash’s legs since we adopted him, so seeing fresh earth was something new to him.

And boy did he get frisky, and freaky fast!  You should have seen him running hell-bent through the woods as if the devil was chasing him.  This dog has more moves than Barry Sanders on his best day!

He also discovered moving water.  There is a small creek that runs through the woods when the snow melts.  It was flowing about as big as I have ever seen it.  Kash looked at it for a moment and just jumped in.  He jumped out just as fast!  It was cold!

Here are a couple pictures from our little walk.

collie mix
A second before he jumped in!

We have been working on “come here” as per our Dog Training course.  He is responding very well.  I did have problems at first, I was frustrated and yelling.  That didn’t work.  Once I followed directions and kept calm, the whole “come here” command really started working much better.  This is a head-strong dog, but we are getting there.

border collie mix
He loves to run!

These long walks in the woods sure do whip us both out!  Kash slept through the whole night without a sound.  He was so quiet I got up and checked to see if he was ok.

We’re going for another hike in the woods…  Wonder what new discoveries Kash will make this time?

Love your pet unconditionally.