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Kash, A Border Collie-Aussie Is Driving Me Nuts!

Do all Border Collie-Aussie puppies have this much energy and curiosity?

Kash needs constant supervision in the house or you will end up with chewed shoes, underwear, socks, flip flops, pillows, newspapers, magazines, toilet paper, and anything else he can fit in his mouth!  He even chews the concrete floor tiles! (I think he is really sharpening his snake fang-like teeth)

Border Collie-Aussie imageHe has even emptied out whole laundry baskets, one item at a time.  We secretly watched him without him knowing it just to see if he would complete his “mission”.  It was so funny because he would sneak real quiet-like, knowing he wasn’t supposed to be into the laundry.

If you tell Kash not to take something or go somewhere, he will sit down and study the situation, create a plan, and then slyly proceed to test his naughty plan.  He is a defiant little bugger!

He learns basic commands very quick, but some things are just not going to be learned as fast because of his bull headed attitude.  The dog training course we bought online is very detailed, but our dog invents stuff that the author hasn’t thought up a command for.

It is amazing to watch his problem solving skills.  He’s a thinker.  And a stinker!

To all the stinkers in the world, have fun now, because eventually you’ll get old.


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy image

Border Collie-Aussie Mix Pups are SO Cute!

Welcome Dog Lovers!

This website is going to be a picture storybook journaling the life of Kash, a 12 week old Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix.  He is a rescued dog.

Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy

We picked Kash up from a terrific foster home on January 15th, 2010.  We had visited Kash and her two brothers and one sister, one week earlier.  My wife and I originally wanted a female Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy, after months of trying to decide if we were ready to be dog masters once again.

Kash had other plans.  He smoozed us, paid us the most attention, and gave us the puppy dog eyes longer than the rest of them.  A connection was made.

We felt so bad to only pick one.  We decided to keep track with the people that adopt Kash’s siblings and have a family reunion once a year, if possible. (maybe more often)  That way the dogs will at least know their brothers and sister are well and cared for.

Border Collie/Australian Shepherd
Building a snowman. This dog is smart!

So that is the introduction to Kash, our Border Collie – Australian Shepherd mix puppy!

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