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We Saw a Border Collie-Aussie Just Like Our Dog Kash!

Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog…

We saw another dog that looked just like Kash. When asked what kind of dog it was, they said a “red” Australian Shepherd.  Hmmm… We were told that Kash was a Border Collie-Aussie mix, but boy they sure look a lot alike.

We know Kash has a twin brother that looks just like him. Almost identical, at least the last time we saw him, and his pictures.  His name is Jake.  A really nice couple adopted him soon after we adopted Kash from The North Star Border Collie Rescue organization.

Border Collie-Aussie dog

Kash the Dog

We have a lot of Blue Racer snakes on what we call The Blue Racer Ranch, where we live. Kash doesn’t care to much for them. His first encounter with one was this spring. There were two of them in the grass, Kash saw one slither away and quickly moved in to see where it went. He didn’t even see the other snake that he was almost standing over, until it took off. He totally freaked and jumped about 10 feet backwards! He got behind my legs and started barking madly at it. Funny dog. He still gets freaked when he sees one.

Blue Racer at Blue Racer Ranch

Blue Racer at Blue Racer Ranch

The unofficial Michigan State record for the length of a blue racer is 75.2 inches. We have found skins that are 98 inches and 94 inches. I know I have seen one about a foot longer than that even. They are huge. I have gotten close enough to take pictures of their eyeballs!

We weighed Kash the other day. He is 62 pounds of pure playfulness! He still eats his Blue Buffalo dry dog food. We also feed him quality homemade dog food and homemade dog treats that we make. We bought a great ebook with dog food recipes that are easy to make, healthy, and Kash loves the variety with his regular food.

Shelly, my wife, had neck surgery last week. When she came home from the hospital two days later, he was so, so happy to see her! Kash noticed the neck brace immediately and wanted to smell it. He knew right away that something was different. Kash just hangs out with her and walks at her speed, like he is a caregiver. He is such a smart dog.

Don’t forget to hug your dog today!

Thomas and Kash

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Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Hikes Hocking Hills, Ohio

Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Loves to Travel!

We went on a 2012 Spring Break Mini Vacation to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  It was a 7 hour drive and sometimes we forgot Kash was even in the van with us, he was so quiet.

When we would slow down he would hop up into his seat to be on the lookout for squirrels and other interesting creatures.  When I speed up to over 45 MPH he then goes back and lays down on his memory foam ultra comfy travelling bed.

Border Collie-Aussie named Kash looking out the window
Windows for Kash

Kash just loved the cabin (we did too!) that we rented for our stay.  The windows were positioned at the right height for him.  He woke me up the first morning with a loud, low growl.  He was there at the window having a stare-down with a deer.  The deer was about 40 feet away.  It was the first deer he had ever seen sitting still.

We went on some of the prettiest short hikes you can imagine.  Ohio is so pretty in this region.  Everything was covered with the most vibrant green moss and the plant life was starting to pop!

Hiking in Hocking Hills, Ohio
Incredible moss covered rocks

Kash was a trooper, a very good dog.  The dog training course we bought early on really has paid off!  We even had a couple people comment on how well behaved he was, even with other dogs around.  That made our hearts happy, because we know what we had to go through to train our big stinker some manners!

There was one place we were not allowed to take Kash along on a hike.  That was at Conkles Hollow.  It was a special nature preserve that was truly awesome and totally protected.  I understood once we saw the incredible beauty and experienced the zen-like stillness and peacefulness.  It was an eye-orgasm around every corner.  I swear Hobbits live there.

We even searched for and found an abandoned town called Moonville.  It was way back in the puckerbrush.  We had to get directions from the local a couple of different times because this was out there.  Very steep gravel roads and washouts made us second guess our desire to see this.  It was the haunted train tunnel that drew our attention.

Moonville Haunted Train Tunnel
Ohh, so scary and full of ghosts!

I mean, we had to hike along a muddy riverbank for about a mile to get to this tunnel.  The town was abandoned due to people getting killed by the train, and other unfortunate endings.  So the rumor is, the train tunnel is haunted.  It did have an uneasy feeling surrounding it.  Kash was like a honey badger, “he don’t care”!

All in all it was a great short vacation.  We were all tired the day we got home and slept in until 9:00 AM!  Kash never sleeps that long.  I had a really sore knee, but considering my knee still has months to go to be healed 100%, I did pretty darn good.

So there is a quick summary of our short little trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  We plan on going back later in the summer or fall, just because we loved it so much and know it will be even prettier the second time.

Thomas & Kash

Thomas and Kash the Border Collie-Aussie mix








DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship to the providers of goods and services mentioned (links) on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. These are quality and trustworthy proven products, but you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.  These products have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie is So Smart!

Border Collie-Aussie dogs are known to be intelligent in the dog world, but I keep on being amazed every day!  Kash is such a good dog now, something I was not saying some months back.  All the dog training courses we invested in paid off!

Kash does love to hunt squirrels.  He learned to sit still with me in the woods and scan the trees for those furry little creatures.  Once spotted he waits until they touch the ground and like a bullet out of the barrel, he’s hot on their tail!

Border Collie-Aussie mix dog after squirrels
If I could only climb trees...

We took Kash to the vet to get his Rabies shot and a checkup.  He was the ideal weight but was told not to let him get any heavier.  He does eat healthy dog food, but not a lot for how active he is.

We also ordered some heartworm preventative medicine for him.  We also pointed out that we have found 2 ticks on him recently. She said that is due to the mild winter weather we are experiencing here in Michigan.  So, we are shopping for a flea and tick medication as well.

I don’t know about you or where you live, but here in southwest Michigan, I’ve never seen such a mild snowless winter!  It is only February so maybe we’ll get blasted yet.  Kash loves the snow!  He is the snowman destroyer!  As fast as Shelly can build them, he attacks them with gusto and digs them down!

Collie mix dog loves the snow

This picture was taken when we did have a 8″ snowfall.  It didn’t last long.  I am grooving on a mild winter -less shoveling, less plowing, lower heat bills, and easier footing on my still healing knee!

We have been having coyotes around a lot.  I have not seen a rabbit in months!  That is really unusual.  We have spotted what looks like beaver tracks along the small creek in the woods, but it is hard to believe we might have a beaver around.  We also have fresh pony tracks going through the front of our acreage, through the yard, out the back trails, and into the woods. That’s strange.

Keep hugging your dog,

Thomas and Kash

Border Collie-Aussie Information on Pet Toys, Dog Supplies

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog loves to play. He goes through pet toys like we go through toilet paper!  He loves to chew them apart, pull out stuffing, and destroy squeekers!

Now I found a great place to get dog toys and supplies. is my favorite place for Cool Dog Supplies.

Check them out and see if you agree that they have what you need and what your dog wants.

Dog toys for Border Collie-Aussie mix dogs

I don’t know what kind of dog toys your dog likes to play with, but Kash will play with most anything you offer him.  He loves tug” o war” and likes to be chased with him playing “keep away” from you.  He is way to quick and fast for me.

The other toys he likes, especially in the house are stuffed animals.  His favorite is a large beaver.  This is his “girlfriend”.  He courts her, spanks her, throws her around, and then has a foreplay ritual!  Then he dry humps her!  Little pervert.  This is the only animal/toy he does this to.  He took to the beaver the very first day we brought Kash home.

So if you need some cool dog supplies check out the link above and see what you can find.

Remember to take time out of your day for play.  Your dog is worth it!

Thomas and Kash

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Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie LOVES Swimming

Our crazy Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy, (9-1/2 months old) loves to swim!  He even puts out his stubborn donkey legs when we try to leave the lake!

Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy swimmingCollie Mix

Kash loves playing in the waves in Lake Michigan.  Fortunately we are blessed with some awesome sugar sand beaches with easy access.  We can have Kash hop in the van and be at the beach in 10 minutes or less.  It is a beach called Deer Lick Crick.  A small stream called Deer Lick flows into Lake Michigan at this beach.

Kash is getting bigger every day, I swear!  He is approaching 55lbs. and eating 3 times a day.  We are going to have to buy him the large size bag of Blue Buffalo Puppy food to go along with the healthy homemade dog food recipes we have been experimenting with.

Later this summer we are going to explore the shores of Lake Huron around the thumb area of Michigan.  We have not been over to that side of the state much, at least not to adventure around.  We just hope all of our dog training has been sinking in to Kash’s active brain.

Kash has finally grasped the concept that he cannot jump on strangers.  The problem we run into is when the other person starts talking “baby talk” or all mooshy cutsie talk to Kash, then he thinks he is invited to jump up on that person.  Oh, he’ll learn eventually…

Collie mix puppy jumping on a person
Dog training not complete

After a lot of research this dog training collar seemed to have the most positive sounding comments and made the most sense.  Very programmable and long range.

Is Your Border Collie-Aussie at Risk for Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a valid danger for your Border Collie-Aussie dog, or any dog for that matter.

Border Collie-Aussie dog gets checked for ticks everyday

Lyme disease has been around for at least 90-100 years.  It got it’s name from a little town called Lyme, CT, were it was first discovered.  It used to be found more on the East Coast of the United States, although now can be in many areas westward due to migration patterns of birds and mammals.

Lyme bacteria is transmitted by a tick bite.  The deer tick is specifically targeted as the tick responsible for transmitting the Lyme disease.  It usually takes a minimum of 48 hours for a tick to pass the bacteria after attaching to the host animal.  So if the tick is discovered and removed within 36-48 hours of attachment, it is likely the dog will not get the disease.

So check your pet after a walk, especially if you have passed through long grassy areas, wooded lots, or even rolling around in the lawn.

The symptoms of Lyme disease can include: tiredness, lethargy, fever, and swollen and /or stiff joints.  If left untreated, a painful crippling arthritis or possible fatal kidney disease may develop.  If people develop Lyme disease due to a deer tick bite, a “bullseye rash” usually develops at the bite site.  This telltale sign does NOT happen with dogs.

There is a test available through your local veterinarian that can be done to determine if your dog has been exposed to the Lyme bacteria.  Ask your vet.  This test should be considered routine in heavy tick infested areas or where known Lyme disease occurrences have been noted.

If Lyme disease is detected, then a simple regiment of antibiotics may be required to make sure your dog stays healthy and safe.

Prevention is the key to making sure your dog is protected from Lyme disease.  Check with your vet as to the best tick control medication or tick preventative medication, be it topical applications, sprays, or collars.  Maybe a combination of any or all methods.  The other method is a tick vaccination available through your vet for dogs exposed to a high number of ticks on a regular basis.

If you find a tick on your dog, (and you should be checking) the object is to remove the tick as quickly as possible.

How to remove a tick: Use a set of plain or pointed tweezers and get a hold of the tick as close to the dog’s skin as possible.  Pull straight up with a steady but even pressure to avoid breaking the head off in the skin.  If so, remove head if possible.  Otherwise leave it alone and the skin will heal, usually leaving a small bump for a couple weeks.  You may need a magnifying glass and good light to see what you need to see.

Lyme disease is a very real disease and has been reported in Southwest Michigan.  I myself, had to be treated a couple years ago on Thanksgiving Day (really late for ticks).  I had a deer tick buried in my chest.  When pulled out it swelled up like half a softball sized lump.  Went to the ER and sure enough, when we put the tick under a microscope and compared it to a deer tick picture, they matched.  Two potent antibiotic pills and I was done.

That’s my community service for the week.  Take your dog for a walk, and then check him for ticks.

Thomas and Kash
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Kash, Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix is a Handsome Dog

The Border Collie-Aussie Mix called Kash the Dog is just getting more handsome by the day.  His puppy cuteness has worn off and now he is sporting that good looking young adult fresh look.  I might be biased, but then again, I live with him.


Kash the Dog a Border Collie-Aussie is resting
Yeah, that's me. Kash the Dog

Collie Mix

This dog has grown some of the whitest, sharpest, big teeth the last month.  I have had to sew up several of his toys with heavy duty thread, take some of his toys away due to him crunching them, and keep an eye on whatever he chews.  Those back shark-sharp molars combined with his growing strength are dangerous!

He is deceptively fast!  It doesn’t even look like he is moving as fast as he gets there.  Did that make sense?  Anyway, he covers some ground quick.  And he moves like a ghost.  He creeps me out sometimes because, the last time I saw him he was 50 yards away, and blink, there is he right behind me like he had always been there! Crazy fast and silent.

The neighbor dog, a German Shepherd mix, comes over every day for a biscuit.  This started years ago when Hendrix would come see Kozmo, our paralyzed dog. (R.I.P.)  He would come over and hang out on the deck with the “Mo” and even rub her back with his snout.  He was so good to her, so we always fed him a biscuit.  So after Kozmo passed he would still stop by every day and get a biscuit.

Well Hendrix doesn’t really like Kash too much, due to Kash jumping in his face all the time. Hendrix is tolerating Kash just to get the biscuit.  Hendrix is 110+ pounds, Kash is just 42 pounds.  One day, Kash will get put in his place, maybe.


A Border Collie-Aussie and a German Shepherd mix dog playing
Kash jumping all over good natured Hendrix

Kash the Dog

I am going to try a barking deterrent collar on Kash this next week.  There is no amount of dog training that seems to get Kash to quit barking, especially at night when we want to slow down and relax.  Yelling matches have been getting more frequent with Kash.  I hate yelling.  Kash hates yelling, and Shelly really hates yelling.  So, we will try the collar.

Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Needs More Dog Training

Whoops!  Our Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy needs to get back into dog training again.  I did just what I vowed not to do, I was not consistent on our training of Kash.  I have pulled our dog training course back out to refresh some of the commands and implement some new dog training commands.  The puppy training is over!

Kash has been real challenging again.  Both his biting problem and puppy barking has taken a turn for the worse – and it’s my fault for not staying on top of things.  I don’t know if having him neutered has affected his disposition, but he seems to have gotten more aggressive and plays a lot rougher if you know what I mean.

He has been challenging me (kind of) and has become somewhat defiant.  He even wants to smoke cigars now!


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy smokes a cigar
Got a light?

Kash the Dog

We are going to really focus on getting Kash to stop jumping on people, especially visitors.  He is pretty gentle when he jumps on us, but any jumping on any people is really unacceptable. It was kinda cute when he would wake up and stretch out vertically against your body.  Letting him do that was a mistake.  Now it’s not so cute.

So we are going to read our dog training guide all over again and really get consistent with this dog training before it gets too late.  Kash is super smart, maybe too smart at times.   He will learn to be a good dog, if not a great dog – eventually.  He just needs some master who will stay focused, other wise we may have to call in a dog trainer. (yeah right!)


Collie mix pup jumps up on people
Kash needs to learn not to jump on people

Collie Mix

Kash is now 1/2 pound from being a 40 pound dog!  We were hoping he would get no more than 45 pounds.  Anyone know of a way to prevent that other than not feeding him?  He still eats his healthy dog food and takes a fish oil supplement every day.  When I go to the grocery store and see some of the cheap brands of dog food, I wonder if the people that buy it really know that they may be hurting their dog’s health. (excellent resource – dog food)

Time to let Kash out to pee.  He has been pretty good, sleeping at my feet while I type this post.


PS. Here is a video of Kash as a pup.


Kash, the Border Collie-Aussie Made it Through Surgery

Our puppy, the Border Collie-Aussie mix named Kash, made it through surgery.  He was neutered. Ouch! (I’m a male)  Kash is doing fantastic!  He did kind of give me the evil eye when I picked him up at the vet office though.


Border Collie-Aussie mix puppy gives me the evil eye
A not too happy look!

Kash the Dog

Kash is already 38 pounds!  Six months old three days ago.  He continues to amaze us with his funny antics, his crazy fast speed, the over the top intelligence, and just how handsome he is. (bragging)

The two things our dog training course just had no power over is how to stop the straight-to-the-brain high pitched bark, and “play” biting.  The play biting is mostly happening to Shelly, but nonetheless, it should not be happening at all.

We both agree that Kash is wired a little different when it comes to those issues.  Maybe it’s the mixed breed, but we have tried several different techniques that several dog training programs suggested.  None have worked.

The best dog training guide for us has been Dog Training Secrets.  This is by far been the turning point as to whether we kept Kash, or gave him back to the Border Collie Rescue organization where we adopted him from.  If it wasn’t for the techniques that we followed in that dog training program, (they worked so fast) and how easy it was to follow, Kash the dog may be somewhere else.

Border Collie-Aussie and dog training secrets
Looking down the driveway waiting for Shelly


Collie Mix

With all that kinda negative stuff said, I just want to go on record and say that I truly believe Kash Flow Fouts will be a GREAT dog.  He just has some things to learn yet.

Did I tell you about how Kash sat right next to me while I installed a gate latch on the gate that keeps him on our deck?  He watched from beginning to end.  Once installed, I flipped the latch and the gate opened.  When I closed the gate, Kash stood up and flipped the latch just like I did.  Fortunately the latch is where he can’t reach it when he is locked in!  He is so darned smart.

So tonight, bend down and give your pup a warm hug,