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Kash, A Border Collie Aussie Mix Is So Smart!

Border Collie Aussie mix dogs are probably one of the smartest mixed breed dogs on the planet!

Border Collie Aussie Mix
Kash the Dog at Lake Michigan and the ice bergs, at sunset.


Kash the Dog is attentive and watches my eyes for signals. I can also talk to him like a human and I swear he understands what the words mean that I speak to him. He also talks back in his own way that most of the time we understand what he wants. I know that may sound weird, but many dog owners probably get it.

border collie aussie mix
Kash the Dog is gentle – when he has to be.

Where Our Border Collie Aussie Mix Lives

We live in Southwest Michigan on a 11+ acre property that we call The Blue Racer Ranch. It is wooded with some ponds and areas that we let grow wild. The whole property has trails cut through it. We walk the trails daily, sometimes more than once. Always see some kind of wildlife or cool nature stuff!

Border Collie Aussie mix
Kash the Dog, always alert!

Kash The Dog travels with us to many places, even the grocery store! But when he really shines is when we take a two lane road trip/vacation! He goes into vacation mode! He is a totally different behaving dog when on vacation. He is so calm. Several people asked if he was an old dog, because a Border Collie Aussie mix breed is usually not as calm as he is. It’s just another smart thing he does.

I take a lot of digital photos, all the time. I use a Panasonic Lumix camera because it take fabulous photos and is lightweight, great telephoto, and macro lens, all in one easy point and shoot! Once you use one of these, you will be amazed!

Kash the Dog has a favorite “toy” that we call the “ring shooter”. It is really a HurriK9 Ring Launcher. I didn’t know if he would like playing with this, but WOW, he goes absolutely nuts when we bring it out to play! It’s great exercise for him too! This is two paws up from Kash the Dog! I’ll put the link below.

HurriK9 Ring Launcher

Border Collie Aussie mix
Kash the Dog and I.

One other thing that I think is important for your dog, is a hip and joint supplement to keep them healthy and moving well. We have been giving Kash PointPet Advanced Hip and Joint supplement for about 6 months now. You could tell a difference within a week! He is now 7+ years old, so I am glad we can help him stay healthy.

So that’s a little bit about our Border Collie Aussie mix dog named Kash. That’s all for now. Stay happy and healthy by walking your dog!

Thomas and Kash

Border Collie Aussie mix

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