Border Aussie A Great Mix

Our Border Aussie is Smarter Than Your Poodle!

Who knows if that is a true statement or not. Every dog is different, has their own characteristics, skill set, and demeanor.

Border Aussie

Our dog Kash, is a Border Aussie, just turned 5 years old, and is a chunk! Everyone says we feed him too much. If you turn him over, you cannot find fat, you can feel his ribs, and he is solid muscle!

Kash the Dog loves to run. Sometimes he just takes off running and will run the perimeter of the yard, around the house and barn, and then come back and sit at your feet like he didn’t even leave!

He has another quirk. When he goes out to pee at night, he will charge all bravado like, barking ferociously, and then when he is satisfied that there is nothing to interrupt his “peeing time” he will then take a whiz!

Is that normal for a Border Aussie mix?  I don’t know. We just think Kash the Dog is wired a little different.

Border Aussie
Kash, a Border Aussie mix running like a crazy dog.

Well, I think most Border Aussie mix dogs are pretty smart on their own, but it’s how you teach them and what you teach them that really makes them shine.

They are fiercely loyal. It is hard for them to be away from you, the one they adore, the one they would protect at all cost, so separation anxiety can be an issue with some. Kash has a mild case of it. He howls, barks and carries on until we are out of site, then goes and lays down. A couple times I made him think I left, but I was watching him through a side window. He is a character, no doubt.

Hug your dog, take him/her for a long walk and stop to pet their ears and talk softly to them along the way. Thanks.

PS. I use a Panasonic Lumix camera to get shots of Kash. Here is a link to a similar one that I use.

Pansonic Lumix Camera

Thomas & Kash

Border Aussie

One thought on “Border Aussie A Great Mix”

  1. We have a border Collie/Aussie we rescued from shelter. He is about 2. A very great dog and we are so in love with him. It didn’t take long either even after we lost our black lab only 2 weeks prior. Our second dog was grieving badly so Jake came into our lives and melted our sad heart.
    He has a few funny quirks of his own. As soon as he eats his breakfast and dinner, he goes upstairs and lays on our bed. His favorite place is in downstairs half bath laying next to comode. My husband built a pen 20 x25 feet with fog house in middle because the first day I came home from work, he jumped over our fence to greet me in driveway. Si we have an acre of our 3 fenced in for both dogs to run and play but when we leave , they stay in pen. Jake herds us to the pen every morning .
    He barks when I pull in driveway till I open pen. While gone, ( have cameras on them) they play and sleep. No barkibg. Love our Jake

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