Kash Rocks

Kash, A Border Collie Aussie Mix Is So Smart!

Border Collie Aussie mix dogs are probably one of the smartest mixed breed dogs on the planet!

Border Collie Aussie Mix
Kash the Dog at Lake Michigan and the ice bergs, at sunset.


Kash the Dog is attentive and watches my eyes for signals. I can also talk to him like a human and I swear he understands what the words mean that I speak to him. He also talks back in his own way that most of the time we understand what he wants. I know that may sound weird, but many dog owners probably get it.

border collie aussie mix
Kash the Dog is gentle – when he has to be.

Where Our Border Collie Aussie Mix Lives

We live in Southwest Michigan on a 11+ acre property that we call The Blue Racer Ranch. It is wooded with some ponds and areas that we let grow wild. The whole property has trails cut through it. We walk the trails daily, sometimes more than once. Always see some kind of wildlife or cool nature stuff!

Border Collie Aussie mix
Kash the Dog, always alert!

Kash The Dog travels with us to many places, even the grocery store! But when he really shines is when we take a two lane road trip/vacation! He goes into vacation mode! He is a totally different behaving dog when on vacation. He is so calm. Several people asked if he was an old dog, because a Border Collie Aussie mix breed is usually not as calm as he is. It’s just another smart thing he does.

I take a lot of digital photos, all the time. I use a Panasonic Lumix camera because it take fabulous photos and is lightweight, great telephoto, and macro lens, all in one easy point and shoot! Once you use one of these, you will be amazed!

Kash the Dog has a favorite “toy” that we call the “ring shooter”. It is really a HurriK9 Ring Launcher. I didn’t know if he would like playing with this, but WOW, he goes absolutely nuts when we bring it out to play! It’s great exercise for him too! This is two paws up from Kash the Dog! I’ll put the link below.

HurriK9 Ring Launcher

Border Collie Aussie mix
Kash the Dog and I.

One other thing that I think is important for your dog, is a hip and joint supplement to keep them healthy and moving well. We have been giving Kash PointPet Advanced Hip and Joint supplement for about 6 months now. You could tell a difference within a week! He is now 7+ years old, so I am glad we can help him stay healthy.

So that’s a little bit about our Border Collie Aussie mix dog named Kash. That’s all for now. Stay happy and healthy by walking your dog!

Thomas and Kash

Border Collie Aussie mix

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Border Collie Aussie Mix = Smart!

Our Border Collie Aussie is Smart!

Kash the Dog, our Border Collie Aussie mix pooch had a impromptu play session with a 1-2 week old fawn in the front field of the Blue Racer Ranch!

Shelly was walking with him when he quickly darted up the trail and when she got around the corner, Kash and the fawn were sniffing each other, tails just a wagging! Then they started to play, chasing each other until Shelly thought it a good idea to stop it before the momma deer came busting over.

Border Collie Aussie
Kash the Dog, Border Collie Aussie Mix

Now fast forward to today. A light snow fell, it was a crisp 21 degrees, and absolutely quiet this morning as we headed out the trail towards the woods out back.

I noticed a very fresh set of deer tracks and low and behold, so did Kash! He never pays any attention to deer tracks. These were different. He slowly and methodically tracked this deer. I came around the corner and there he was, staring at a young deer that was staring right back at him, maybe 30-40 feet away.

Border Collie Aussie
This is the fawn he played with earlier in the early summer. (Taken with a Panasonic Lumix)

Normally he barks and chases deer for about 50 feet and then comes right back. This time he started wagging his tail and turned to look at me to make sure I was seeing this deer! Then he turned and came running back to me making his happy noise. The deer then turned and loped off across the field, stopping once to look back.

I’m sure they must have recognized each other and knew there was no threat. It sure was a very cool, memorable moment to watch this unfold before my eyes. Isn’t it neat how animals can react to each other. I believe it is because Kash is an intelligent dog!

The photos here are taken with a Panasonic Lumix camera. I am a huge believer in these cameras. Highly recommended! Having taken well over 1.3 million digital photos with three different Panasonic Lumix cameras, I can tell you they take a beating and still work like a charm.

So, not only am I a believer in my camera, I am a believer in my loyal Border Collie Aussie dog, Kash.  Such a good boy! (although he is a biscuit whore)

Pet your dog, pay attention to him/her. And if you are entertaining the thought of getting a dog, I recommend trying to find a rescue Border Collie Aussie. If trained right, they are the best dogs!


Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash



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Border Collie-Aussie Named Kash Flow Rocks!

Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Travels Two Lane Roads – With Style!

Border Collie Aussie
Kash Flow making a splash!

Kash, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog, goes into vacation mode the minute we leave on our epic two lane road adventures. It’s like he has 2 distinct personalities, one is the normal at home, go “100 miles an hour” dog, and the other is the calm, well behaved vacation dog!

Border Collie Aussie mix
The sly ambush mode!

You know Border Collie-Aussie mix dogs are extremely smart. They learn good habits really fast, and can learn bad ones just as fast if you are not careful. We invested in a dog training course because this dog gave me fits as a puppy. Best move we made!

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Kash the Dog is so gentle to other living creatures.

The Raccoon in the House Story!

He isn’t kind to raccoons though. Maybe he thought he was protecting me, but when we went out to pee one night, I opened the door and there was a raccoon, 3 feet away! Without hesitation Kash attacked that critter and they tangled on the deck, going around the corner! I yelled at him top let it go! He did.

When my wife came running to see what was happening, I opened the door and grabbed a flashlight to look for our dog. When I went out the door, the wounded raccoon scooted into the house, right past my leg and over top of my wife’s feet!

Now I hate to admit it, but I have a little fear of raccoons – especially wounded ones in my house! Well I finally tracked it down under the bed, pushed it out with a walking stick, and it walked right out the door it came in! Limping all the way.

We checked Kash the Dog over real good and then real good again. We just didn’t want there to be any bites or flesh wounds. (he has a current rabies shot). He was good. The raccoon, not so much..

Border Collie-Aussie
This Border Collie-Aussie has no fear – except snakes and frogs!


The raccoon had a bad ending. It only made it to the bushes by the deck, where Kash tore it up again and I had to put it down. Sadly, this was how it ended.

This Border Collie-Aussie Loves to Swim!

Anyway, Kash has traveled all across the USA o two lane roads with us the last 5 summers. He has been swimming in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Missouri, Columbia, Hoh, Skagit, Klamath, St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson, and many, many more rivers, lakes and ponds!

Border Collie Aussie mix
Me and my pal Kash Flow!

I’m telling you, he is such a fantastic, loyal, well-behaved dog, and I have to give credit to the online dog training course we invested in. So if you have, or are thinking about getting a Border Collie-Aussie, make sure you are prepared. Invest in a little extra help dog training, even if it’s just to learn some tips, it’s worth it

Until next time…

Hug your dog,

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash










Border Collie Aussie Alert

Kash, the Border Collie Aussie mix dog goes on vacation!

Kash is just so cool! He goes into “vacation mode” when we take off on our two lane road trips. He just turns into the patient, well behaved Border Collie Aussie angel dog!

Border Collie Aussie
Swimming at Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio

We took off and went to Cuyahoga National Park first and visited The Beaver Marsh. It was a good place too view and photograph wildlife, but it is just a little early to get a lot of views of the critters.

Border Collie
We saw turtles mating, but this was just a bystander.

When we travel, we like to take two lane roads, back roads, and avoid expressways if we can. You just get to see so many more cool things that way. Plus, we get to find great hiking trails and swimming spots for Kash the Dog!

Border Collie Aussie
Kash the Dog and his master Shelly, who he just adores!

We even went to Roanoke, Virginia so Kash could meet the black dog “Grace”, who Black Dog Salvage is named after. We love the Salvage Dawgs TV show on the DIY Network, so went went there and visited. Kash met Grace, and we met Mike and Robert, the stars of the show!

Salvage Dawgs
Mike was gracious and kind. He is a tall dude!

Grace the black dog at Black Dog Salvage looks like she is getting up there in years. She posed and didn’t really care if we were there or not.

Border Collie Aussie
Grace, owner of Black Dog Salvage!

Kash the Dog, our Border Collie Aussie, has excellent behavior in motel/hotel rooms. He just knows he can’t bark, even when babies are crying next door and kids running through the halls hooting and hollering! He just is so good!

Border Collie
Kash the Dog on a hike catches the light!

Well there you have it. Kash the Border Collie Aussie returns from another successful two lane road trip!

Always be kind to your dog.

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash



Border Collie or Australian Shepherd?

Who is More Intelligent?  Border Collie or Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd or Border Collie? Tough question. Probably impossible to answer. Because there are so many variables, including lineage, training, and environment, it’s tough to compare.

I do know one thing, they can both be smart as a whip! But smart doesn’t always mean easy. They can be “bad” smart just as easy as “good” smart.

Australian Shepherd
Good smart
Australian Shepherd
Bad smart

Dog Training Course – Do They Help?

I am lucky – now! Our first six months with Kash the Dog, our Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix furbaby, was going down the path of uncontrollable bad behavior. Luckily I had invested in an online dog training course that helped tremendously.

With consistent work at training the dog everyday, all day, finally paid off in a big way. At six months, long after when normal people would have probably given him back to the rescue organization, he flipped a switch and became a lover dog!

Now if you have read this blog from the beginning you all know this story. But what I am saying now, is all that information and action steps I took from the dog training course I invested in, certainly paid off in a huge way!

Let me tell you the story.

We went for our usual walk in the woods, taking the trail I take in the morning. But this particular morning, Kash stopped sideways blocking the trail. I could see in eyes and action that he was trying to tell me something.

Australian Shepherd
Smart “life saver” Australian Shepherd

He would not let me push past him. He kept looking down the trail so I thought it was maybe coyotes. We stood there a minute until I gave in and turned around. We walked about 20 steps and CRACK! A tree crashed down across the trail! And then a second one fell!

Now how did this Australian Shepherd that we almost gave up on, know that those trees were going to fall, right where we were going to walk? The weird thing was, there was slight to no wind at all that morning! Maybe saved my life!

Well that’s my story. Who cares what breed is the “smartest”, because for sure, your dog is the best dog ever!

My Border Collie and Australian Shepherd dog does come from two intelligent breeds, both in the top ten. But Kash the Dog is smart, lovable, brave, loyal, and trainable, all good traits.


Pet your dog and hug him.

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash the Dog 




Dog Bones, Dog Snacks

Healthy Dog Snacks, Dog Bones, Create a Dog Snack Business.

Healthy Dog Snacks! Have you ever wanted to start your own business that takes your passion for dogs, providing them with healthy dog bones, baked dog snacks, and other items you can sell to make extra cash?

dog snacks

Have you ever thought about being able to stay at home with your pets/children and turn your passion into a home based business that could give you financial freedom? Wouldn’t that feel gratifying?

I have often thought about an online business that involved Kash the Dog, our Border Collie-Aussie mix. I think I could combine photography, Kash, and dog treats somehow. And now I found a solution to the dog bone snacks business!

Imagine baking healthy dog snacks that you know exactly what ingredients went into them. And then, after trying them out on your dog (Kash) for approval, you sell them to others that are looking for safe, healthy dog snacks. Sounds like a win/win situation!

Dog Bone

Well this is quite a departure from what I usually write about, but it really caught my interest and with all the uncertainties in the air right now, I am going to start an online business. One that involves what I like, and something that will provide a healthy solution for dog snacks. Something that other dog lovers love to do – reward their dog with a snack they know is healthy.

If you want information about this idea/product, don’t hesitate to look into this.

Start Your Own Healthy Dog Snack Business

Healthy Dog Snacks
That was delicious!

Kash the Dog and I have been taking daily hikes through the woods photographing the fall colors! Michigan is incredibly vibrant with colors right now – at least in SW Michigan and on The Blue Racer Ranch!

healthy dog snacks
Out in the Blue Racer Ranch woods.

We have been amazed with the color, and the pleasant weather! Kash the Dog just got his “hunter orange” vest that he wears when walking through the woods. It is bow deer hunting season right now and with Kash’s coloring and white tail, thought I better protect him.

So I’ll be working on a healthy dog snacks business plan that will somehow include Kash and my wife. I’m totally excited!

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash


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Kash the Dog – An Artist View

Kash the Dog  Has Been Painted!

An incredible and talented guy named Ori Bengal was given several photos of Kash the Dog, otherwise known as Kash Flow Fouts, and commissioned to have a painting made. This is just a practice piece:

Ori Bengal
Painting by Ori Bengal

Check out his website: http://DogsByOri.com

I have been following Ori Bengal for at least 5 years, ever since he started doing “one art work a day”. To see how his art has changed from year to year, month by month, and day by day, has been a source of inspiration to me.

He is the definition of focus, determination, perseverance and creative genius. He not only does painting, but sculpture too! Of course, not every piece is my style, but I appreciate all the pieces of work he has done, and many just blow you away!

Ori Bengal
Painting by the incredible Ori Bengal!

Ori Bengal offers a pet painting/portrait service and is a pleasure and a joy to work with. He has a very easy website to maneuver around and submit you photos and story of your pet. He loves dogs, has a passion for dogs, but will paint any pet for you.

His website is http://DogsByOri.com. He is very responsive to questions and will do a fantastic job for you.

That is my public service announcement for today. I wouldn’t even post about this if I wasn’t totally impressed, and appreciative of the art he has already shared with the world.

So, with that said, I’ll tell you about a life saving action that Kash the Dog did, it may have saved my life! So stay tuned and be watching for the next post of the further adventures of our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog named Kash!


Border Collie-Aussie
Thomas & Kash the Dog

Border Collie Aussie Information – Kash Flow

Border Collie Aussie Information

Our Border Collie Aussie mix dog named Kash Flow, is such a good and smart dog. With Border Collies and Australian Shepherds being listed in the “top ten” smartest dog breeds, having a mix of these two is quite a treat!

Kash the Dog!

Kash travels well with us in our modified Honda Odyssey when we take our cross country, two lane road trips. He goes into vacation mode, which is much different from his behavior at home.

At home, our Border Collie Aussie mix is lively, energetic, talkative, and super playful. When on vacation he is somewhat subdued, quiet, and very obedient. It is an amazing transformation. He just realizes that he is in a different situation and adapts to the moment.

As we travel we are always looking for a beautiful, clean, and safe place for Kash to swim. He loves to swim! He has been in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the Mississippi River, St Lawrence Seaway, Hudson River, Klamath River, Columbia River, all 5 Great Lakes and many many more bodies of water.

Border Collie Aussie Mix
Kash just adores Shelly!

Kash was one of 4 Border Collie Aussie puppies that the North Star Border Collie Rescue Organization had up for adoption. He was the runt of the litter. Now he is the biggest. One of his brothers is an almost identical twin, another brother is a sleek, quick, Flyball champion, and the he had a sister, which I don’t know too much about.

We had quite a time trying to get him to bond with us. It took a full 6 months before he became the wonderful companion he is now. He would bite us, bark out of control, jump on us, wouldn’t let us pet him, and seldom would stay in the same room we were in.

Then at 6 months, it was like a switch flipped and he became such a lover dog! And to think at least a dozen times we were going to bring him back to the rescue organization. In the back of my mind I always knew he would be a great family dog, and that is why we never gave up!

Border Collie Aussie Mix
Kash guarding the castle!

So there is a little bit about Kash the Dog, our Border Collie Aussie mix pooch. He is a valued member of our family!

Pet and hug your dog!

Thomas and Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash


Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Digs Vacation

Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dogs Travel Well

Kash the Dog, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog loves to go on vacation. He slips into vacation mode, which is really uncanny. He knows he cannot bark in a motel room, behaves incredibly well, and is a pleasure to be able to take him on long road trips.

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Ha ha ha, he is actually rubbing his butt. A horsefly was after him!

We tend to take long road trips in our van with a custom sleeping platform so we can camp most nights. It is set up with screens for the windows, fans to stay cool, and a memory foam mattress for comfort.

Even Kash the Dog has his own memory foam dog bed. He also has his favorite dog toys and his new leash. and we just bought him a collapsible dog dish.

Our goal every day is to find Kash a clean place to swim. He loves to swim and he gets to expend some of that pent up energy from riding all day. He has swam in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Mississippi River, under a couple different waterfalls, and all the Great Lakes. Plus countless other rivers, lakes and ponds.

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Swimming near Deer Lick Crick, South Haven, MI

Kash the Dog, being a Border Collie-Aussie mix, is high energy. And talk about smart! He listens so intently when I explain things to him, and I swear he understands the first time!

Kash has learned to communicate with us through a Fisher-Price basketball machine. He “dunks” one and it cheers “yaaaa”. He uses that to answer questions and to ask for water, or to go outside.

So Border Collie-Aussie mix dogs are usually quite fast. This one, not so much. His brother is built different and is like lightning. He is a Flyball Tournament Champion and travels a lot to different tournaments. They have gotten together but Kash is intimidated at his speed and won’t fully engage in play.

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Kash the Dog whizzing on his first fire hydrant!

Well, as soon as I get the latest vacation photos uploaded I will post some of Kash the Dog, a bodacious Border Collie-Aussie mix, hunka, hunka love on four feet!

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Thomas & Kash


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Kash The Dog Rocks

Our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog Is Smart!

Kash the Dog, a Border Collie-Aussie mix dog is handsome too!

Border Collie-Aussie mix
Kash the Dog

Kash was not always a pleasant dog. We had issues bonding the first six months. Almost brought him back to the rescue organization a half dozen times those first six months!

Then like a switch flipped and he became the well behaved lover dog and loyal companion that he is today. That dog training course that we bought online paid off.

Border Collie-Aussie mix

Kash the Dog travels with us on our two lane road adventures when we take off in the van. He has his own memory foam bed, special harness, food bowls, and healthy dog snacks.

He has swam in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, all five Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, Columbia River, and many,many lakes, rivers and ponds across the country.


I take a lot of digital photos of interesting items, scenic vistas, and really cool vintage roadside attractions on our two lane road adventures. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ60 and love it. It’s lightweight, has a great telephoto, and can take a beating.

I usually take close to 4000 photos a trip and then it takes me days and days to go through them and pick out the ones I like. I love to share them on photo sites. It’s a passion, not a money maker!

Here is a Kash the Dog, A Border Collie-Aussie Mix video!

Kash the Dog, A Border Collie-Aussie Mix

Kash the Dog has his own website called KashtheDog.com. He is not a real fanatic about posting at regular intervals, but gets a lick in there now and then.

Well, until next time…

Hug your dog.

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie-Aussie mix

Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix Are Awesome Dogs!